Friday, April 13, 2007

Vicci's Challenge!

I have accepted Vicci's challenge which is this: "to find one of your favorite photos... from lets say... at least 20 years ago... and to post it! That is not all. We are to tell a story about it and why you like it so much. The photo can be anything you want; a person, place or thing. Any of you that want to do this...feel free to do so!" What a great idea Vicci!

This was hard to pick just one from so many. I narrowed it down to this one. Here is my photo. It is of my husband Charlie, my son Robert and my daughter Diandra. When I look at this photo, I do not just see my husband happy with his catch of the day. There is a story behind this still image frozen in time.

Here is my story....

When I look at this photo, I see the love of my life and my babies. At a last minutes notice, Charlie was invited to go to the Delta for a fishing tournament. Charlie and I had thrown some chickens in the oven to be baked for sandwiches to take for lunch the following day. Well... we both fell asleep. The chickens were well done by the time I had woken up from a dead sleep (about 1:30 a.m.). Charlie helped me pull the chicken to make these sandwiches. His friend came shortly after that to pick him up (3:00 a.m.). I kissed him goodbye and cleaned up the mess and went back to bed. My day had consisted of cleaning the house and having a great day with my babies! I had dinner all ready for him when he got home. When he arrived the kids ran to the door so excited that their Daddy was home. He pulled this fish out of the ice chest and wanted a picture of it with the kids. When I took this picture Charlie was grinning from ear to ear... Diandra and Robert are a little freaked out by the size of the fish. Diandra has a dazed look on her face and is not even looking at me, probably thinking 'this fish is as big as me' and look at how her little toes are curled! Robert is just freaked! He did ask his dad, " Did you win the tournament?!"

*Note~ At the time I did not know about the picture of my husband with his granny and grand-daddy existed. I later came across this picture in a frame on a visit to Tennessee at his Grand Daddy's house. When I saw the picture I understood there was much more for me having to take a picture with everyone positioned where they were and the importance of it to my husband.

At the time this picture was taken, Charlie had some trust issues that stemmed from his divorce. For him to go with any "friend" was a huge step for him. He stepped out of his comfort zone showing such growth and for that I was so proud of him.

Diandra's favorite color today is purple. She is wearing purple.
Robert is in the Air Force today. He is wearing a military t-shirt.

The chicken sandwiches were the the best he had ever had! To this day when he goes somewhere this is what he wants me to make him. Hhmmm... I don't think I have ever duplicated that!

I am quoting Vicci in saying "Photos~ "All I know is that I am grateful for memories, when you stop and think about it... memories are really "who we are"... just layers and layers of memories... built on top of one another... over and over..." this is so true. A picture really does hold a thousand words!

**Note I have noticed on quite a few blogs that on there posts photo's and memories can go hand in hand. My friend Corey has posted something on this very issue just the other day.


  1. This is great picture.
    The memories are a bonus aren't they.
    Vicci had a great idea here..!
    Did Charlie win the tournament...?
    That is a huge fish...LOL

  2. My Dear Angela...These are so priceless....every picture tells a story and you always tell your's so well...Your hubby does look so happy...and the kids are the cutest...sometimes I wish we could go back to when our kids were little...thanks for playing Sweetie...this was fun! I love wonderful memories!

  3. Great story! Your husband's smile is so full of joy!

  4. Ooooh! Fun. Now I'll have to go dig out some photos!

  5. what a wonderful glimpse into a past that carried you all into today ... beautifully written, thank you for sharing this piece of your family :) xox

  6. Did you always laugh, okay smirk, at the Kodak Moments ads? The ones where they said take your memories in pictures. Well, in this case, the pictures jog the memory! Thank you for taking us inside some precious memories!

  7. Hi Angela:
    Sorry we haven't had time for tea this week! It's been crazy, yes?

    I love your pictures, and the wonderful stories.

    You got me hooked....I took the challenge!

    Love and Hugs xoxoxo
    Wanda Mom

  8. Beautiful post Ang :)

    Both Rob and Di haven't changed much, but I wonder if you ever look at that picture and feel like it was a liftime ago? I do that all the tme and I've recently realized it has more to do with all the changes I have made within myself, good internal changes.

    Yeah for those happy memories pictures give us and the measuring stick they provide ;-)

    love you sweetie
    xOx Darlene

  9. LOL Diandra doesn't want that fish to touch her little toes!!! This reminds me of my dad coming home from squirrel hunting and proud of his catch! I thought ICK! Those squirrels are cute! but kids! How soon I forgot about those poor little squirrels when my dad fried them up and I even ate, are you ready????!!!!!! I would NEVER do this today!!! I can't believe I did when I was little, five years old and I ate SQUIRREL BRAINS!!!! LOL Yes, maybe that's why I am NUTS today!!! LOL Just kiding but can YOU believe that???!!! I can't but my family won't let me forget!!! Phew!