Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Never underestimate....

Several years ago, My husband and I decided to gut our main bathroom and remodel it starting with the built in tub. Growing up, I always had an old fashioned iron claw foot bathtub. My mind was pretty set that this is what I wanted to replace our existing tub. We found one in the paper for only $150.00. It needed some work, and needless to say my husband is always up for a challenge! It turned out beautiful!

I also wanted to replace the counter sink with an old buffet side board I had found at our local Tuesday Flea Market for $75.00. My husband cut a hole for the sink, painted it and replaced the counter with Corian that looks like marble. Also beautiful!

I had this wall paper picked out which I had found in a magazine. They introduced it being vintage and an anniversary for this particular print. It had me at one look! The only thing was that it was black and had BIG flowers on it. Very different from what my friends were picking out for their homes. I didn't care. I knew it was right for me.

I ordered it, finally got it home, and up on the wall. Charlie laid the black and white tile and marble squares on the floor. It was ready to be shown to my mom. I felt I had to get her stamp of approval. I was nervous. What was she going to think or say about this black big flower wall paper?

My Mom finally arrived. As we were walking towards the bathroom, I was preparing her for the black color I had picked out, saying, "I know it is different.... but I really loved it!"
She was listening to me, replying, "Well honey if you like it, that's all that matters!"
We turned the corner and then into the bathroom and the look on her face was exactly like the words that came out of her mouth.... I knew she was not going to like it!
This is what my mom said "Angela, What have you done?"
My heart dropped. I said, "You don't like it?"
All that she could say shaking her head in disbelief was, "What have you done?" Now I was thinking, 'Now this is just rude!!' She then told me to get my photo album out with my baby pictures in it. My mom grabbed the album flipping through the pages knowing what she was looking for. She found it and pointed. As I looked at the picture, I just said, "What have I done?"
She proceeded to tell me that after I was born, where we lived, my crib was against this wall for the first nine months of my life. I got the biggest hug from my mom and then she kissed me.

Picking out this wallpaper... was it a coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences. Never underestimate what a baby at any age takes in.


  1. Oh that is amazing! It would be interesting to know how many of my current "favoritse" stem from early experiences that I can't conciously recall. Cool!

  2. Wow! That's wonderful!

    Love the pictures by the way! You're beautiful :)

    XO Sophie

  3. I love this story Angela...Life is so funny! Amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness that is wonderful Angela-and you look beautiful in these pics.

    Hugs and love

  5. oh wow .. that is incedible and amazing :)

    you look so beautiful in those photos, what a super cute baby you were :)

  6. Wonderful story and I loved reading it. What a coincidence, nah...no coincidences in life, just magic and miracles...


  7. I just went to a site the other night and saw the vintage or maybe antique(tee hee) linoleoum I lived with when I was a baby! I couldn't believe it! or the price of it NOW!!! LOL That is a GREAT story Angela and YOU look so SWEET and beauty FULL! in all your photos!!! We had a claw footed bathtub too! xoCinda

  8. So cool Angela. This is not a coincidence. You must have had a great "babyhood" because otherwise you would have been repelled by it instead of loving it.
    I guess you were smothered with love as a baby.
    How nice to know!!!

  9. Oh Angela: I remember you telling me this story, but I never saw the baby picture and the original wall paper. Oh precious. On my way home tomorrow.
    can't wait so see you.
    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  10. I remember this story...so cute to see you as a baby...

    you're still just as cute

    ;) xo d

  11. Hahahaha That is great Angela Marie!
    No matter how old we get or where we go...there is no place like home & those flowers represent the home you come from, the home you have & the home you make. Just Beautiful!

    (btw, I tried to email you but my computer won't let me :( but I did reply to your most recent comment.)

  12. Wow! That resounds in me. truth! Wow isn't that amazing!