Saturday, September 8, 2012

Slow Down ~ Smell The Coffee!

I love weekends... especially after a hellacious work week, and it was a CrAzY one; our department paid for its "short week" with problems hitting us as soon as we started the day coming back from Labor Day's three day weekend, ...which made it feel longer. I have found it's almost a given, for these three day weekends we occasionally get, we pay for it; something almost always goes out i.e., the refrigerator, freezer, or electrical. BUT, I must say, our department got through it and covered each other; we are quite the juggler act!! : )

Yesterday after work, I laid down at 1:30, and woke up at 5:30... and I felt like I could have slept longer. Time to slow down and smell the coffee, versus early up; slamming a cup back, and off running.

Everyone ~ enjoy your weekend! : )