Sunday, April 1, 2007

This Weekend.....

This weekend I took pictures of the "man on the moon!" If you didn't notice the moon last night, it was just glowing! Beautiful!

I called my girl-friend who lives in Ohio, we caught up a little before she went to her daughters soccer game. It is always so good to talk to her. sigh.... I miss her.

I also ironed my husbands clothes
did laundry
changed the sheets on my bed
hosed off the front porch while I watered the plants
took some pictures of my flowers that are starting to bloom
got caught up on my e-mails
I watched the movie "The Godfather" for the first time
went through more of my "clutter"
made a stew for dinner

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!


  1. The moon is just gorgeous again tonight, too! Love that. Today, I went to church - missed it last week due to shingles. I bring the donuts but they just closed the donut shop in my area. Who needs kids hopped up on all that sugar anyway? So I brought a huge selection of bagels. The kids were bummed. I figure one week of withdrawal and they'll all be totally into the bagels. Afterwards, everyone went off in groups to have lunch at various local restaurants - to get to know each other more. It was awesome. What a fun day!

  2. I did have a great weekend, but it was a busy one. Whew! This is a busy week too! Sometimes it is just like that.

  3. mmmmMMMM Stew! That sounds yummy! I DID notice the moon yesterday evening! It was sooooo bright and seemed to be out early! and I thought of YOU and your sweet gal D, cause it was raining while twilight and it was simply exquisite, a beauty full GIFT! I live near your girlfriend! *sigh* Maybe YOU can come visit her and I'll meet you there! Is it Columbus? tee hee ps. I LOVE guessing!