Thursday, April 12, 2007


~Things Happen for a Reason....Just Believe~


  1. I agree! I just love looking at the photos...almost as much as taking them! :-)

  2. Angela...Me again...go to my blog and take my challenge! :-)

  3. You have perfect timing...just believe is what I needed to hear/read :)

    Sending love and hugs,

    XxX Sophie

  4. Hi Love:
    I found myself catching my breath as I looked at those pictures.
    WOW! You gave me computer lessons, can I have photography lessons too?

    You are the BEST!

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  5. These are great Angela. I love vivid, colourful pictures like these. Makes us open our eyes to appreciate!

  6. so very true : )

    thanks for sharing your beauty ...

  7. Beauty FULL!!! I LOVE yellow roses! Yes! Let's really LOOK and enJOY all the Spring flowers! I was just looking at all my sweet little purple violets out in my back yard and realizing I was taking them for granted this year!! My Magnolia tree was in full bloom and the cold SNAP came and snapped it all away! I wonder if they will bloom again! I think they will! xoCinda

  8. I believe too! I love that birdee pic...did you take it too?
    You really are a good photographer Angela Marie!

  9. Every person who lives somewhere in his beliefs as possible but disagree with him with respect to him, these beliefs

    Thank you

  10. You are a great photographer..!
    These are all excellent. And yes, in the same way I know things happen for a reason.. I BeLieVe...!

  11. I love yellow roses. When I was little, I mistakenly thought my mom was born in TX (she was born in NM). Her name is Rose. So I always loved yellow roses because of the song "Yellow Rose of Texas" and my mistaken belief about my mom's birth state. Hahaha!

  12. I did take the picture of the dove. I think it's a dove.

    I was at my brother-in-laws house on Easter, seen this momma sitting on her nest keeping her babies warm.


  13. OMG! I didn't realize that was a REAL live birdie!!! Bravo!!! xoCinda