Monday, April 30, 2007

Plains~Trains~ & Automobiles

Whew! We are back.
In order to prepare myself for my trip, I had looked up the weather in Nebraska to see what type of clothes to pack for. The first two days were T-storms, wind and rain. I didn't think to much about it and just got my clothes for the appropriate weather. I got up at two o'clock AM to get ready to leave the house by 4:00 AM for an hour and a half drive to the airport, parked in Economy Parking, caught a bus over to the Airport where we then checked in an hour and a half earlier than our plane's scheduled departure at 7:33 AM. We got there right on time! Unfortunately our plane was canceled because of the weather. They had put us on a 1:00 PM flight out... but the nice woman was kind enough to go through all of the flights and get us on a earlier 10:00 o'clock flight out. We were so excited to leave and then upset at being delayed. The adrenaline had left my body and the hours I had been up were taking a toll on my me. I walked around the Sacramento Airport and took some pictures. Charlie suggested that we ate something for breakfast. He ate, my nerves were too shot.

These are some pictures of Mosaics that were hanging on the wall of the airport. I thought it was funny that they also had a Starbucks sign hanging at the end of this wall art.

It was labeled "All In Motion..."





Horn of Plenty


I couldn't believe the view of the Nevada/Colorado Mountains I got from the plane window . It was gorgeous! I was so tired... Charlie suggested that I get a nap in before getting to Nebraska, I said "No way!" I didn't want to miss anything. How many times do I get to fly so high? It was incredible!

There was a 2 and a 1/2 hour overlay in Denver.... sigh. We had to take the train from section A to section B. By the time we figured it all out, our adventure in Denver, Colorado didn't seem like it took as long as we had originally thought. Our flight from Denver to Nebraska was a little rough. We could only unbuckle for about 5 minutes.

When we got to Nebraska it was 7:30 PM. By the time we got our luggage, rented our car, and drove to the Air Force Base it was 8:30 in the evening. Finally!! I had my kids in my sight! They got out of their truck and ran over to the car ...... hugs~kisses~hugs~and more hugs!


  1. such beautiful photos !!!

    sounds like your trip was absolutely wonderful :)

  2. Angela're back. yeah!!!
    I'm in Tahoe for my B.D. but we brought the laptop so I can continue checking in on my friends.

    The pictures in the Airport are lovely....the sky magnificent! I love to fly...and I love the sky from up there.

    Will be home Thursday...will call.
    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  3. Welcome back. I love to fly too....your photos of the mountain tops are wonderful.
    Good to know you havd a great time..

  4. The rocky mountains look amazing from the plane window don't they? Almost like you are flying over another planet.
    Welcome home Angela!!!

  5. Those pics up in the air are Beauty Full! I don't think I could sleep up there either!!! WELCOME HOME!!! I missed YOU girly!!! I can just IMAGINE how thrilled YOU all were to be together!!! HUGS and KISSES, Cinda

  6. Welcome home! The view was spectacular, thanks for sharing!!

  7. Wow...what a view!
    Looks so cold!
    those mosaics are beautiful...much prettier than the artwork at Hartsfield(Atlanta). I especially liked the sun.
    Glad you got to get away!

  8. these are simply fabulous photos Angela! Glad you had fun! Glad you are HOME! :-)