Friday, April 20, 2007

My "Old Soul"

The last three posts have been poem's my son Robert has written this past week and sent to me via e-mail. Through these poems, I am able to recognize his love for hunting, fishing, wilderness, the country, and the greatness of all God's creation. He is in the Air Force and being deployed to Kuwait on May 10-13th. He is currently getting his papers ready and being trained for different situations he might encounter while working in a different environment. We have discussed how he feels about serving over seas. At this time... he assures me that this is something that he has always wanted to do, that he is ready and he believes in serving his Country. Let me say, I am very proud of him! smile ~ sigh

His only worries are leaving his wife and loved ones behind. I have been reading his poems, knowing that he has been thinking about these special memories that have so much meaning to his inner being.

Rob has always been known to be an "old soul". He never saw things the way the rest of his classmates would see them. I remember finding the beginning of a poem or thought jotted down on pieces of paper laying here and there about the house or his room.... Yes, sometimes even half crumpled in the waste paper basket only for me to save and tuck away for safe-keeping.


  1. Good morning Angela:
    Thanks for this great information, it really puts perspective on the poems as I thought he had written them when he was much younger.
    You've raised such a wonderful son, and man.

    Wanda Mom

  2. Angela, I have read your previous posts, but did not realise it was your son that wrote these beautiful words.
    The love he holds for his country and family is evident in his poetry. I am not surprised he is ready to serve his country overseas. You must be so proud of him.
    I am sure he has been looking back and reflecting on the good times spent with his family, and the memories he will carry with him overseas.
    It's lovely to know he sees his world in this way, and it seems he always did.
    I pray for his safe return..hugs

  3. I love your son's poetry. Best to you all!

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with your son. I cannot imagine saying goodbye to him as he goes to do what he feels called to do. I cannot beleive you have a son this old either!
    Old Soul, that is one of the highest compliments a person can be given my opinion.

  5. Beautiful poems indeed. I'm surprised too, that your son wrote them. What a wonderful young man he must be. Blessings to all of you.

  6. Yes Angela...there are many old souls...Your wonderful "old son" is a very talented and unique young have every reason to be proud! (I know the feeling) :-)

  7. Angela - Please give my family's heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Rob when you see him. (And he lives in Nebraska? I like him even better! Go Huskers!)

    We will keep him in our prayers as well as you and the rest of his family. Hope you have a blessed time with him filled with joy and laughter and sweet memories.

  8. He will be in my prayers too Angela Marie! Also, all his family who will miss him soooo much! I know the worry you have as I had it once upon a time not too long ago! xoCinda

  9. OMG...Well Angela Marie you could blow me over with a feather! Ok, so I was shocked that you had grown children...but grown children with a family of their own to boot! I say your children are wonderful , lol, they didn't age you a single bit!

    Your son's poetry is's so well grounded & rounded that I can see his words coming to life in my minds' eye. Just beautiful. The balance he offers is very rare and I beleive you may be right in that he may be an 'old soul.'

    I will keep he & his family,including you, close to my heart & in my prayers during his stay in Kuwait. I admire & respect his commitment, honor & patriotism. We would have no peace if it weren't for folks like him.

    As Always, P&L!