Monday, July 28, 2008

Up Date

Hi everyone ~

Charlie is doing well, although he still gets tired... but that is to be expected. We recently had a followup appointment for the sonogram he had on his kidney. At this time, there will be no reason to put another stint in! Our Doctor said he was very pleased with what he had seen and from what he can tell, Charlie's response to the chemo is going very well! I thought we (Charlie and I) were going to leap out of our chairs. He added that it was a sonogram, and the c-scan will let us know more. If there are any problems with the cancer at that time, we will start all over if his kidney is giving him problems. But, this was wonderful news! Charlie's weight is kinda at a stand still at a 141-144 lb. (that is being weighed first thing in the morning). He had our daughter Diandra get some more Glucerna nutritional drink to mix with his protein shakes in the morning and add another sandwich to his lunch. He still gets nauseous and has had a few bad days. I feel bad for him, but then I also think the chemo is not done doing it's thing. So I feel it's also good (if that makes any sense).

Rob sent his dad a couple of Muhammad Ali posters to put up in his room at the hospital for mental support. Rob then asked me to put them up behind his speed bag. It was music to my ears as I was making dinner for him to hear that speed bag going with a final pow punch. He had tried to hit his speed bag during the duration of his chemo treatments only to hit and miss it. He just didn't have the strength... (of course) but, Charlie had to try. The very day I put the posters up behind the speed bag is when he started hitting the bag again.

His c-scan is scheduled in early August. I will let everyone know how it goes.

Again, thank you for your continuous prayers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

cross on the fence post

Let us be the first
to give a friendly sign,
to nod first,
smile first,
speak first,
and ~
if such a thing is necessary ~
forgive first.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Making Decisions

garden seat's

decide ~ 1: to bring to a final choice or judgement 2: to bring to a definitive end 3: to induce to come to a choice


I have a hard time with this... I can stand in an isle at a store for many minutes trying to come to a decision between something. Although I do not have this problem at the grocery store. A store representative will undoubtedly come by and ask me if they can help me with something. I am sure they have gotten a call from someone watching the cameras in their "special little room" overseeing the building to come and assist the strange lady just standing in isle two. I will then tell them what my problem is. At time's, I welcome their help and sometime's, I just want to be left alone from sheer embarrassment.

For quite some time, I have had my eye on this particular garden stool they kept advertising at Target. They went on sale around my birthday and both my mom and husband had gotten me one without the other one knowing it. I not only got one, but two of these beautiful garden seats! They are really big and I knew that I had to take one of them back. I know looking at them, you would think that they are just green garden stools. But, they aren't. The glaze is different. One is more of a greenish-yellow and the other is a moss green. They both look great in my family room... but I had to choose (I really wanted to keep both of them, but my husband and daughter would not let me "forget" that I had to choose between the two). I had the receipt to both of them and they had a time limit from the date they were purchased. I waited until the very last day that I had to take one of them back and even then, I couldn't do it. I sent my daughter to take it back. So, I made my decision. It was so hard!

I know that this is a trait that I have given my daughter...she can give you countless stories about her own indecisiveness. Please, tell me that we are not alone here. Do you too have a hard time making up your mind? If so, with what types of items?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

~ A Garden Party Event ~

My girl friend Laurie is part of several garden clubs and recently got her masters. She was part of a planning committee that gave an annual garden party in her area. I was very impressed with what she had done personally herself. There was a speaker that had a book out. I learned so much from him and everything he had to say was interesting. It was a salad luncheon, and the salads just kept coming. I have never seen so many different salads in my life! Each club member took care of a table setting in which they utilized their own special dishes and tableware. Laurie had taken care of two tables. They were both beautiful with fresh flowers from her own yard. After the speaker was done there was a raffle. Then you could venture outside to where there were tables set with different items you were able to purchase. I had a wonderful time!

This was the table I sat at.

The speaker was Dave Egbert. This book Sunset big ideas for small gardens is wonderful and gives you so many ideas and is full of information.

An old suit case full of Lucky Penny Purses ~ handstiched inch by inch.

Aren't they beautiful?!

This flower was dying for me to take her picture.

Soy candles were also available.

I just loved this unique mug.

There was assorted pottery to choose from.

Just Beautiful!

Clay wall pockets for your plants.

One of my favorite plants.. Succulents!

These honey bears want to be squeezed!

Heal balm... every one's heals need some T.L.C.

Oh, and scented geraniums!

These are the two that I bought. They are beautiful!

You can see why I had such a wonderful time. The little town I live in has just started a garden club. I believe I am going to join!