Sunday, April 15, 2007

~Home Sweet Home~

This weekend my little sister and her family came for a visit. We celebrated my nephew's sixth birthday. I can't believe that he is growing up! I feel a great connection with my three nephews and niece. I helped with bringing all three of my nephews into the world. Unfortunately, I was not in town when my niece was born. I was so bummed! My youngest sister is expecting her third baby in June. We know that this newest addition to our family is a girl!

My mom's house has been full of constant laughter, crying, screaming and visiting since Friday night. April showers filled our Saturday so the kids were locked in all day. We woke up Sunday to a yummy breakfast at my youngest sister's house. I love when we drop everything, come together and just love on each other! It is one of my favorite ways to pass the time.

I love my mom's house. She is the great collector of many things. When you are in any of her rooms, your eyes can not help but wander about to each delicate and interesting item placed neatly upon a shelf, or antique dresser.

On one occasion I remember sitting at my kitchen table with my dad. We were talking about the choices I made in picking and choosing furniture as well as color schemes. My dad pointed out to me, in a loving way, that I have basically recreated the house I lived in with my him and my mom when I was little. He said it made him happy to walk in my house and to know that I was so happy as a child that I would do this with my house as a grown up. He said he knew that I had done it unknowingly. I will tell you I have not changed anything in the seventeen years we have lived here. I have added to, taken away objects and updated, of course. However, it does have the same feel to it. Thinking about this has made me realize why I find myself making comments at times like, "I feel like a little girl playing house!" It was an 'ah ha!' moment for me. I do not want to change anything. It will never be a model looking home, with everything in its place. I call it "Hodge Podge," my mom calls it "Eclectic" (she likes it because it sounds more sophisticated). Whatever it is, it is home to me.

Here are some pictures of my moms home....

Note: As I was taking pictures around the house, one of my favorite brother-in-laws would pipe in, " Steph! You better watch for these picture's on Ebay!"


  1. It's these small vignettes and collections that make a house a home.
    It looks very welcoming.

  2. *big grin for the ebay comment*

    I agree with sheila. It looks very welcoming!!

    Love to you,

    XO Sophie

  3. I could spend days in your Mom's house..ooohhhing and aahhhhing over all the looks so warm and inviting! :-)

  4. Oh Angela: I love your mom's house. Now I know why I love your home...same flavor, yes?

    The rolling pins.. oh my...the butter churn, I'm jealous..the teacup...exquisite!!

    Thank you for letting us enjoy your family and the love of your childhood. So very special. Like you.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  5. Are the green items in the cabinet all depression glass? What fun that you have recreated beauty from your childhood. The wallpaper patterns from the mid 70's were not as lovely. I will not be recreating THOSE! hahahaha

  6. your mom's home looks very inviting and full of beautiful treasures :)

  7. It screams Welcome!!!
    I love the green glass too. Make me a cuppa tea...

  8. O! I love everything! I LOVE those old water dippers the best! I remember going over to my grandfather's farm house, just over the hill from us and we would get a drink out of the well with one of those water dippers! AhhhHHHH! Nice cool water, what a sweet memory! Thanks! Angela and Angela's Mommy for the memory! Yes, I've used one of those butter churns too, my mom used to make her own butter! Tasty! We had the floor kind too! I think she still has that one! Home Sweet Home!xoCinda

  9. OMG...the inside of your mom's house is just like my mom's...such pretty pottery, furniture, stuff! It's like a homey-museum of memories. I love it!