Monday, April 23, 2007

Isn't it a Pity!

Isn't it a pity

Isn't it a pity
that I'm not the prettiest
girl in the world.

'cause sometimes
I feel,
I kick up my heels
in the sun.

I'm the loveliest one!

Song written by Melanie from the Album "The Good Book."

When I was a little girl in 1971, A singer named Melanie came out with a record album called "The Good Book." The album had many song's that we loved ... Nickle song, Babe Rainbow, Birthday of the Sun, You can go Fishin (that is just to name a few). We would beg my mom to play this record over and over. We would never get sick of it! Finally the song "Isn't it a pity" would come on .... my mom, sister and I would clap our hands and stomp our feet just like Melanie, making a happy beat singing this at the top of our lungs. I still find myself reciting this! It makes me happy everytime.

*Note~ Make sure you click on picture of this girl, she is quite a beauty!
Don't you agree? ;)


  1. I love those lyrics!! It's a pity that I can't hear her sing them.


  2. The art of beautiful music flying over us without wings, clouds, love of life and a memorial without love and the most beautiful songs that reflect on love in all sincerity happy day my dear friend

  3. She's as cute as a button..and you know her momma thinks she's beautiful..!
    I remember hubby had a crush on her...LOL

  4. I've never heard this song but I like the pic with it. This is so cute.


  5. She is a cutie, but then so are you. And I love those lyrics!

  6. I never heard the songs either,,,but wish I had! They sound great. And Melanie is very pretty.

    The pic is adorable, what a perfect match to your post.

  7. I have an old record album of Melanie! It's called "Gather Me" and one of the songs she sings is "Brand New Key" I used to play more of Cat Stevens records for my kids and Elton John! I moved all my records into the living room getting ready for summer nights when I move it out to our porch and we can hear all the old tunes why we eat! I LOVE music!!! xoCinda

  8. Mom, this was fun, even if my pictures didn't come out as planned. I think that this dragon is just beautiful, and the picture doesn't give enough of feeling as to its giganticness (yes, i made that word