Monday, April 9, 2007

It is Spring Break for me! Yippie!

It is spring break for me! That means V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

Today my daughter Diandra and I took a drive to Murphys , Queen of the Sierra! It is a quaint and charming goldrush era town located in Calaveras. If you ever get a chance to visit you can find Antiques, Art Galleries, Bakeries, Dining, Entertainment, Salons, Shopping, Wineries and much more to mention. We strolled through many shops, laughed and really got to enjoy each other! We had lunch at a restaurant called Grounds.... her treat. I have to tell you, this was hard for me. It didn't feel right for my little girl buying me lunch. Is this what my mom feels like when it is "my treat"? Could it be that I was uncomfortable because it is a sign that she is truly growing up?

Here are some pictures I took today while we were in Murphys.

I have more pictures, but sweet blogger will not let me post them! grrrrr :(
I think it might be time for flickr :)


  1. Oh Angela.....what fun!!! I have been thinking about driving over that way and going thru some of those quaint towns! If you ever decide to come over to Placerville let me know! So sweet of your daughter to buy you lunch...sigh...they grow up way too fast!

  2. I practically have to put my dad into a head lock (not a pretty picture with a 79 yr old man) to get him to let me pay. Once my kids are old enough, I'm gonna just go out with them saying, "You're paying, ok?" HA!

    I love pictures of doors & shuttered windows. My hubby is a photographer and he did a study of these awesome doors around London & Cornwall. They're some of my faves! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, MURPHY'S was fun mommy. I had a blast at lunch, though my breath smells severely of minced garlic still today. mmm..yum! it is too bad that one shop was not open. it's candles are still radiating in my mind.

  4. What fun! And I've eaten at Grounds. One of my favorite places to go to for a destination meal. Ya just gotta love Murphys.

  5. It did look perfectly charming and wisteria Climbing over the trelis is beyond lovely. What fun!

  6. such beautiful photos : )

    how wonderful that your daughter bought you lunch and you two got to spend the day being girls ... so lovely ...

    have a wonderful spring break!

  7. Yippie!!! for YOU Angela!!! Have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! Is that turquoise I seeeeeee??? Gina is on Spring Break too, we were going to take a one day road trip but maybe not!!! I told her we'll play it by ear! EnJOY your break!!!! xoCinda

  8. Hey Angela: You are on spring break, and I'm back from Tahoe. I'll call you for tea.
    The pictures are so wonderful...I felt like I was walking with you.
    It's great being with daughters isn't it?
    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  9. These photos are great..!
    I love the look of the place. Pictures of doors and windows are always so inviting..!