Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Calaveras BIG Trees

On our visit to Murphys, I twisted Diandra's arm to head up the road to Calaveras Big Trees State Park. This is one of my favorite places to go to, unlike my daughter's . I find it to be so peaceful and serene, she finds it cold and dark and quite frankly is over it. In the 6th grade, this is where they go for outdoor education. Apparently, when they went for her trip in 6th grade, it was laden with snow from tree top to tree root. Need I say more. Our family has gone camping there for a number of years. We drag her, each time. She hates it. I was forbidden to take more than one picture of the same tree, so that we could walk the tour and get out as quickly as possible. She said, she tried to be a good sport about going, but once we got there, the idea was out the car door. She said "Next time, bring Nana!"

Millions of years ago, giant redwoods dominated the entire northern hemisphere. Today, due to climatic changes (El Nino?), these redwoods have all but disappeared. This is one of only three locations worldwide. The colossal trees of Calaveras Big Trees State Park stand in quiet testimony to a time when giants ruled the earth. These massive relics, which can reach a height of 325 feet and a diameter of 33 feet. Some of these trees are thought to be as much as 2,000 years old. The camera does not capture how BIG these trees actually are. I know that there are special camera lens that take more than my camera will let in. I think that it is time to start saving... hmmmm.

Diandra walking the path

The Three Graces

It is unlikely that anyone could look upon the Sequoiadendron giganteum and not feel a sense of awe and reverence. Well... maybe Diandra. smiling :)


  1. Hi Angela :) I just found your very lovely comment on my blog, and what a treat I've had coming to find you! These photographs are absolutely stunning - I live with a tree surgeon who would give his right arm to visit this place! Fantastic!
    I do hope you'll be setting up a Flickr account soon - your photo's are beautiful - I love the poppies, and all the shabby chic-ery in your last post. Beautiful surroundings you live in...
    I haven't got round to selling the journals yet, as I've only made two so far, but I'm thinking I might do a giveaway soon, so keep an eye on me! ;) Thanks so much for your very kind comments, I'll be sure to check on you more often!
    Have a great day, Suze xXx

  2. Hi from Turlock, Angela. I remember visiting Big Trees with the kids when they were young. They discovered two downed trees that had hollowed out and they were laying end to end. Next thing I knew, they were crawling through them. I'll have to resurrect those pictures and post them one day.

    Oh! And Hamilton's is my favorite eating places.

    At about the same age, my daughter totally rebelled against going to anymore classical music concerts. Fortunately, she outgrew that rejection and is now enjoying them again. I'm betting Diandra will love Big Trees years down the line from now.

  3. I first saw these trees in an encyclopedia when I was a child..!
    They have fascinated me ever since. Too bad I'm so far away, I'd come with you..!

  4. I can see what you mean about it being a peaceful place. It looks lovely! Your daughter was a good sport for going - I'd bet money, some day she'll take her own kids there and have a bit more nostalgia for the place. :)

  5. Yep! I bet D takes her kids there!!! tee hee I so WISH we lived closer Angela!!! I would LOVE to go to the places you go to! Those trees are awesome! I am a TREE LOVER and Hugger!!! I grew up with trees! Lucky me! That's the first thing I asked the real estate lady about the house we live in now! Does it have trees? I have to have trees! I can't believe how BIG those trees are!!! Phew! *sigh* xoCinda ps. Thanks for the view!

  6. I wanna go! Gosh Angela I'm going to plan a trip to these wonderful places that I haven't been to in ages! :-) The photos are awesome!

  7. Trees spirit of life it helps to human life in a healthy and clean environment without pollution

    Logging deprived of the rights of natural and healthy environment I wish you every happiness

  8. I feel tiny just from the look of those pictures :)

    I really have to stand next to one of those trees some day!

    Big hug,


  9. Great pictures, my love...

    I miss you and am so freakin jealous that you went to Murphy's without me.

    Tell Diandra that she was a good daughter to have gone to the 'big trees' AGAIN, just so you could take your pic's.

    You are quite the photographer, my bff.

    love you...see you soon

    ~xOx~ Darlene

  10. I so love the Sequoias and Redwoods! Really, it is practically a religious experience, as some of them have lived so long. And it is so quiet in the groves. What could be more peaceful. My children had much the same reaction as your daughter, but I found it a place where you could feel that past seep into your pores on a cell level. It has never amazed me that Druids thought the trees to be holy. Of course they were wrong, but I think I might have thought the same thing if I'd been them. I felt I could almost feel the sap rise in my bark just from standing in some of the groves. Beautiful place.

  11. Hugging these trees is like holding on to the universe..;the energy they pour out is incredible. They are like touching God.

  12. I was born in your neck of the woods (well, San Fran). I have family in Palo Alto and the surrounding area. I've seen these trees and am absolutely facinated by them. Gorgeous!

  13. These are such beautiful photos, and I would love to visit there some day, so peaceful and beautiful looking ... one of my favourite places to go (only 15 or so hours away, lol) is cathedral grove on vancouver island where there are big trees in the douglas fir and western red cider variety : )

    you are so lucky to live so close to such beauty :) thanks for sharing ...

  14. Wow...I can only imagine camping there! Especially as a kid. Gosh, I'd be a fairy & be friends with the redwood elves. Beautiful!