Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Does F U N Mean?

F is for friends doing stuff together.
U is for you and me.
N is for never ends.

When Nessa and I get together, we always have fun. Regardless of all the mother-n-law/daughter-n-law jokes and innuendo that goes along with the stereotype. I always hoped to have a good relationship with my daughter-n-law and I can't help but notice the surprised look when people find out how we are related after they have observed us for a while.

We both brought our camera's to Oakland and would stop to take photos periodically. Every time I would stop to take a photo, she would look to see what I was taking a photo of and then take one too. We ended up with almost the same photos. Although she did take some I couldn't because of the lens I had on my camera.

Old ironing boards used for tables and painted black stools and benches outside of a sweet cafe in downtown Oakland.
What a neat idea!

I love old theaters and their signs ~ Lights, Camera, Action!
Here is the Fox Oakland Theater.

Painted mural ~ Always Faith.

During the morning, it was overcast and cold. Nessa and I went inside a beauty supply store hoping we could warm up. This store had wigs and she decided to see what she would look like with short hair.

She doesn't even look like our Nessa! I took a picture and sent it to Rob while he was working because he has been wanting/teasing Ness to cut her hair (we can't figure him out).

No matter what Nessa and I are doing; making dinner, painting nails or going to a beauty supply store, the fun never ends.


  1. How sweet it is. You are both so fortunate to get along so well. What a blessing.

    Nessa, you look good with the short hair. I think I like the one where you are in the blue top. Just sayin'.

  2. How fortunate you are...and how fortunate Nessa two are a match for sure.

    Looks real stunning in the short hair. I think she should buy the wig, keep her long hair, and whenever she has the urge to cut...put on the wig!!!

  3. I was really close to buying those wigs too! But then my husband would not take me seriously in them...I don't know maybe next! Oh and thanks Jack!

  4. You and Nessa look like you did have so much fun ( wish I could have been there!!)

    nessa you would look good no matter how you wear your hair Rob would just have to get use to it LOL!!!

    Love you