Friday, July 23, 2010

Scene On A Muni ~

While we were in San Francisco, we took full advantage of traveling by bus (muni). On one of our rides, I sat next to a man reading, while his little boy (about four years old) sat next to him. Diandra stood over me holding on to the rail and smiled as she read what he was reading. The chapter's title was, "Be Thankful Always." I looked to see what book he was reading and noticed it was Start Your New Life Today by Joyce Myers. At that very moment, he jumped as his little boy hauled off and hit him in the arm hard yelling, "SLUG BUG!" Diandra and I couldn't contain our laugh. The man leaned over to me as he rubbed his arm and said in a low voice giggling, "And he looks all day."


  1. You do cram a lot of beautiful things into your day, don't you?

    What a great tale - being where you want to be with someone you want to share it.

    Life is good.

    Thanks for sharing.