Saturday, July 31, 2010

Never Mind The Cold ~

It's funny, after viewing my photo's of Oakland, I realize now, how nice it really was. Let me explain. The majority of our day, I was freezing and that is pretty much what Nessa and I focused on; my fingers were freezing and my toes were numb. I had only brought a light-weight thin sweater. This was only because the week before while my daughter and I spent the day in San Francisco, it was very warm and at times I felt like I was melting. I didn't want to have another day like that. While Nessa and I were walking, I kept my eye out for a shop I could buy a light jacket, sweatshirt, or anything for that matter. At one point, I was so desperate I didn't care what was on it. It could have had a picture of a skull with a ring in it's nose, I didn't care. There weren't any clothes shops anywhere! Although, I did see a lot of food shops... in fact I couldn't believe how many there were. I guess all of those people working in all of those buildings have to eat somewhere and really don't have time to go shopping.

Close to where Rob works, there was a lake where you could walk around to get to a park. There were morning joggers and people speed walking that whizzed by us as we took in the sights .

I couldn't believe all the shapes and sizes of the buildings! Some with great detail and some made of almost all glass. You have to remember, I am just a country mouse visiting the big city.

Nessa and I thought this cross walk was neat and a little confusing. Which way do you go when the light turns green?
I loved the movie The Joy Luck Club and Nessa pointed out the sign above the restaurant.

I love old painted signs that can still be seen on brick buildings. Charlie and I used to drink MJB coffee when we first got together. In fact, he got me hooked on coffee. He made my first cup with lots of cream and sugar. Now I drink it without sugar and with fat free half-and-half (the color of caramel); one cup every morning. Once in a while I will have two. During the summer on really hot days, over ice shaken. If I drink it with desert, it is just black. This is a total tangent...
I thought the pigeons next to the painted green light were sweet.
I enjoy browsing through old books store's. You never know what you will find. Some books have autographs and some have an endearing note in them.
I like how in the older part of cities, there are usually shops that go down below the street.

You seldom see anyone with a yard in the city. Although you do see lots of potted flowers on the steps and maybe a garden on top of a roof.

The building where Rob works could be seen in the distance almost from any street we walked.
Nessa and I liked the reflection of an old building in the windows of the new building.
As we walked around, there were little area's where one could come out and take their break. I noticed how calming they appeared to be; maybe to help with the stress level one might be experiencing?
The Veterans Memorial Building.

Whatever we focus on expands.



  1. Thanks for sharing your visit. As always, I am impressed with your photos. You have a wonderful eye for composition.

    I am intrigued by the juxtapositions of your photos. How did you do that? What is the code? Or is there some widget I have yet to discover?

    Hope you are warmer now.

  2. Thank you Jack!
    I use Picasa 3 and it is free! As you can see, I have a lot of fun using it. Google it! I promise you will love it!

    Yes, I am warmer now.

  3. thanks for taking me along
    I love the photos and this post

    I love you