Friday, July 16, 2010

Grateful ~

This is our first summer with Rob since he served four years in the Air Force. While he was away, we would miss him terribly and reminisce around the camp fire at night about the good ole times. It left us looking forward even more to when we could go camping as a family again.

This year, we were all so grateful Rob could get some days off from work so that he could join us. I was a little nervous the day we expected them to arrive. I straightened up our camp space, hoping it was just the way Rob remembered it from previous trips, and hoping Nessa would enjoy her first time camping with us, so much, it would have her coming back each and every year we went.

The second night Rob stood by the camp fire and got teary eyed saying he had been gone way too long and he had missed so much. I knew he wasn't only talking about camping. It was also all that our family has gone through in the time he has been gone, too. I gave him a hug and told him I loved him. He said, "Everything has changed.... it's good to be here." He was right, it just felt so good to have him there with us. Our time together went way too fast.

My Diandra and Ness are my always ready to strike a pose. Anyone wanting to take a photo of me, cringing... I run and hide.

Nessa and I decided to go on the Giant of the Columns trail. She has never seen it before and wanted to experience this hike.

Here she is at the top of the trail where all the broken granite rocks are piled. She is a character! I love that girl!

Having some "quiet time," Rob and Ness in the tent...

Their dog Pookie ~ "HEY! Get me out of here!"

Nessa getting a snuggle in with Sophie.


  1. She looks so relaxed and happy.
    I can see why you love her.
    Good to see Sophie looking happy again too.
    Hope you had a great trip..
    big hugs

  2. OK Rob isn't the only one teary eyed. Just reading this, seeing the pictures, brought back so many memories...

    Wonder if Rob remembers our lunches at Hamilton's talking about life, and the Lord.

    Wonder if he remember ripping his pants at Boomers.....

    I love your family so much Angela...They are very special to me.

    Pookie looks a lot like Molly!

  3. awe it looks like you all had a blast nothing better than family time where ever your at

    love the pics and all of you
    give those kids all of them a hug from me

    love you tia