Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch In The Park

While Nessa and I were in Oakland, we met Rob for lunch in the park-like setting in front of the building he works. Rob seemed very happy we were there with him. I am sure it was a change from sitting alone on the very bench we sat on. As we opened our insulated lunch bags, Rob and I noticed we packed almost exactly the same thing; cottage cheese, assorted veggies, Trisket crackers, fruit, trail mix and water. Nessa mentioned she has noticed Rob and I do that a lot. I thought it was cute. As we ate our lunch, a little bird with dots on it's breast caught my eye. It seemed it wasn't only our lunch time. It was theirs too! Or should I say hers? Rob, Nessa and I were trying to figure out if she was a baby being fed (I thought she was too big to be a baby) or wife/mother and the husband/father was helping the wife/mother gather food for their babies. We couldn't figure it out. Does anyone know what is going on here.
I bet Abraham Lincoln could!


  1. The speckled one is a baby or newly fledged American Robin. The other is the mother feeding it worms it gets from the ground. All meat diets make the baby robins grow. This is normal and I can't begin to tell you how many times I have photographed it. Your pictures are priceless. Hang on to them and watch the baby grow up and lose its spots.

  2. Don't you just love Abe Lincoln???

    He is right, these pictures are priceless.

  3. How sweet! Thank you Abe!

    Wanda, yes I do!