Friday, July 16, 2010

Rustic Cabin ~

There are many cabin's up in the mountains. A lot of them are for rent and have the bare necessities in them (e.g., a bed, table, chairs and a couch). You have to bring the rest. Although some cabin's you can tell are owned by families because of extra care and thought put into them while they were being built.

Every year this paricular cabin has caught my eye and I have always told Charlie as we drive by it, "If we had a cabin, I would want it just like that one (pointing at it)." Sometimes he finishes my sentence for me and other times he just looks at me and says, "Uh huh."

I have always wanted to get a closer look at it. While I was with Rob and Ness, I pointed it out to them.
Rob nonchalantly said, "Oh, well we will stop on the way back so you can get some pictures."
I said, "Really?"
Ness said, "Yeah, why not?"
I said, "Well, sometimes Charlie gets irritated when there isn't a place to park." Rob said, "Ah mom, no problem, I will look for one close enough and then you can walk in."
I was so happy!

It turned out there was a drive way that led up to at least three other cabins nestled along the river that, being so fixated on the cabin itself, I'd never noticed before. So it was no problem getting to them. Nessa wanted to see it too and got out with me, although we went our separate ways.

The fire chimney has always been the first thing I noticed from the street.

And then the back of it.

This is when I whip my head around as we drive by it to see it practically on the river. Can you imagine drinking your coffee on the back porch in the morning? Or listening to the constant sound of the river flowing?

Okay... then as I am walking back to the truck and find Nessa, she says, "Hey, take a picture of me on the porch!"
I look at her and said, "What?"
She says it again.
I am shaking my head no and she is looking at me like 'What is wrong with you?'
I look back at her and said, "Ness, what if someone is there?"
Nessa said smiling, "I will just tell them how beautiful their cabin is and would it be okay to get a picture by it. Besides, no one is there, I already looked in the window."
My eyes were the size of dollar coins.

Oh my ~


  1. You go, Nessa.

    You just gotta love her and her view of the world. You are both blessed to be in each others life. Thanks for sharing.

    Great photos.

  2. You gotta love Nessa.....She is my kind of gal. I remember my younger days when nothing was out of my reach...I was told I was quite a dare devil.

    Oh if you ever buy that cabin....I'd love to have that coffee on the porch!

  3. How beautiful is this!
    I love the sound of water, this would be a perfect place to spend the Summer.
    My husband is like Nessa, I get so embarrassed sometimes, but people don't seem to mind.
    Just me!
    Glad you got to stop and see it!

  4. our Nessa is so sweet and I love the photos of the cabin I can just imagine having that cabin that is something I have always wanted hopefully I will make it come true one day

    love and hugs