Monday, July 26, 2010

A Slightly Bruised Ego ~

I have tried to donate blood three times now, only to be turned away. Apparently my numbers aren't good enough for the blood bank to take. It has gotten to the point, when I walk in, they test my blood, instead of my having to fill out all the paper work first. My number is so low, they have given me information on how to improve my numbers by what I eat. I have always had a problem with being borderline anemic or just plain ole' anemic. I enjoy my veggies, but the problem is that I don't get enough iron from them. Eating red meat would satisfy my bodies needs, but I just can't do it! A person can only consume so many veggies in a day!! And, even with all the greens I eat, I'm still unable to hit an acceptable number. I have tried taking the iron tablets and even gentle iron I have a problem with (you know what that does...). The ladies down at the blood bank tell me not to be discouraged, to keep trying and that it's more common than you'd think, especially to women.

Since receiving my Phlebotomy state license, I have applied several times, only to be notified the job position had already been filled or that I have not been selected for an interview. In the past, when I have applied for a job, I have always been hired. Well, to be honest, there was this one time, it was "in house" and I didn't get that job, but understood why. There is something else upsetting me. In "my day," you walked into a place of business to apply. Now-a-day, you apply online...How do you make a real first impression? I really don't like or get it.

My husband and kids have told me it is a tight job market right now and not to take it personal. Charlie has seen how down it has made me and told me I really do not need to get a job right now, that I have worked hard enough going back to school for the past two years and to just have fun... which I have. It's just hard for me to know we had a plan and with the mindset that I have had, I would like to see it through.

So I sit with a slightly bruised ego, basically feeling not good enough.

Funny... I just noticed it all has to do with blood; bruised ego-unable to donate blood-a Phlebotomy career.

I know, I know... wahh! I keep telling myself, in the BIG picture, like Charlie would say, "It's all good!"


  1. This was a bloody good post Angela. HaHa

    My Julie and Myk are regular doners for Plattlets. They produce them faster than most. They donated for my mom when she needed them years ago fighter her cancer.

    (I'm sure I didn't spell it right)

  2. Charlie is right in the big picture it will happen we are all very proud of what you have accomplished and you should be as well!

    love you