Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Old Soul ~

Rob and I wanted to show Nessa Kennedy Meadows and some areas that are sentimental to us since we have been camping there for 23 years. While we were driving, Rob would slow down and point out something to me that was interesting and say, "Mom, that would be a good picture." It melted my heart; Rob showing me he cares, taking an interest in what I like to do.

Rob is such an old soul. He has always been wise beyond his years. It's funny, watching him grow up, he loved the forest, wrote poems, loved learning how to play the guitar, loved fishing and had such respect for our fish and game. I always pictured him growing up and working as a Fish and Game Officer/Forest Ranger/Fireman and living in a rustic cabin like I posted in my previous post, and now I can picture him snapping photos inspired by Ansel Adams. He has done the total opposite. He commutes to Oakland, working in a tall building that looks at a back drop of the Golden Gate Bridge and wears a suit everyday. I have mentioned this to him and he sighs while he says, "Mom, you have to have a good knee (he has had three knee surgeries) to climb mountains and move fast after poachers. It just wasn't in the cards. God had a different plan for me." What can I say to that? He is right. I immediately think of the stories he tells me of his encounters with people he meets on the Bart, or the homeless and sharing his lunch with them. If he can tell they don't want to be bothered he just gives them his lunch. I don't know how many countless Bible's I have bought for him because he gives them away to people he meets after having a conversation with them. I have noticed Rob has stopped telling me of these encounters, only because I think he sees the fear that shoots across my face and then is tired of the lecture's telling him to please be careful! God is in control.

It has been a pleasure watching him grow into the man he is becoming and I am so proud of him.

With the help of Rob, here are some photo's of our camping trip.


  1. Absolutely stunning....Oh I love that "Old Soul" of yours. I have always thought he was wise beyond his years, and now you have confirmed it again.

    Can't picture him in a suit...please post a picture!

  2. He is a son to be proud of.
    A sensitive soul as well as an old soul too by the sound of things.
    I love your pictures. Especially the jay, and the daisy with the butterfly.
    It looks like a special place, I can almost smell the fresh air..!

  3. beautiful photos and Our wonderful Rob is not an old soul he has the heart of an angel and the nature stuff comes in his blood naturally!

    I am so proud of the man he has become I can't wait to see him

    Love ya

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