Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Moments ~

I think this is the first summer I can recall, we haven't had any camping trips planned. We are being very spontaneous; when it happens, it happens. We were able to go camping last week. I enjoy getting away from the computer, television, and turning the cell-phone off (there are no towers). Being still and taking in what surrounds me. The sweet air, the breeze on my skin and through my hair, bright blue skies, sound of the birds and river. It's a time to let go and think about nothing; being still, breathing in and being thankful.

We had a couple of thunder storms and rain showers while we were there. The smell after the rain was wonderful. During the night, there was a blanket of brilliant diamonds, lighting the sky. At times, it looked as if you could reach up and touch them. It was breathtaking. It's moments like these, I want to slow everything down and take it all in. I don't want to miss a thing.

I am finding as much as I want to slow down, there is no stopping the hour of time.


  1. Your words come to my ears like a song or poem.... How I love your pictures and your comments... You have a gift!

  2. I agree with Wanda.

    You also have a good camera. :-)

  3. And for us, oddly enough, this is the first time in decades that we have started talks about camping AGAIN. Now that I'm retired and travel generally too expensive to contemplate for daily eating out and hotels, we are discussing roadtripping and camping at KOA's along the way. I hope we can start doing that by next spring.

  4. beautiful post and I know how you feel

    love you