Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walked Away & Said A Prayer ~

I have started to walk daily again and eventually I will incorporate jogging into this daily ritual. I have been feeling a little sluggish here lately and knew with the weather getting warmer, it was time to get back out moving and get some natural vitamin D while I was at it. I feel a lot better when I do!

I wasn't able to walk yesterday. Our school was on a real lock down and by the time it was over, I had to get home to do some quick chores, study, shower and then go to class. Quite frankly, I was frazzled by the time I got home and the walk I missed could have relieved some of the stress the morning created. Thank You God ~ to let you know, everything is okay at school. Our little town made the twelve and five o'clock news, in addition to the front page of our local newspaper again. Not the attention you want for the town you live in or ANY town for that matter.

On my walk today, I came across two birds, which chirped non stop. I thought it was kinda strange they weren't flying off and away from me like they usually do. I don't know what these birds are called, but they remind me of the birds that are on the shore with long legs, only these have shorter legs. Any ways, I rounded the corner and realized why they were chirping like crazy. I came upon their three little babies. The baby birds took off in two different directions. The parents were flying frantically in the sky. I stood still hoping that would calm them. I watched as the parents looked desperately for them. It broke my heart and I felt horrible. As I watched it all unfold, I couldn't help think the parents weren't going to find the babies or they were going to get ran over by a car.

Eventually, one of the parents did find one of the birds. I wanted to pick the two that were huddled together in the corner and bring them closer to the parents. I refrained myself from doing what I wanted to do, in fear the parents wouldn't want anything to do with them once I had touched them. All I could do was walk away and say a prayer. BIG Sigh ~

I hope my prayer was answered.


  1. Oh what a precious little bird hard to walk away, but you did the right thing.

    BTW I went on line and looked up the article about the school in Modesto Bee. Oh my goodness....what a scare. Looks like they handled it quickly.

    That's why we pray for safety every morning, right?

  2. I am sure your prayer was answered

    love you