Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Am Yours ~

a {moment}um

I am a moment.

You can choose to waste me. You can choose to throw me away. You can choose to ignore me. You can choose to walk right past me.

You can also choose to savor me, to live in me, to make the most of me.

You can choose to stop and take notice of precisely where you are at this moment. What you are doing. Who is next to you. Or right in front of you.

Is your daughter singing while she sets the table? Did your husband just kiss your forehead? Are you walking past a display of fresh flowers, a riot of color just calling your name? Are you washing the dishes and wishing you were somewhere else? Or are you watching the sunset outside your window, even as you scrub the pans?

I am the little boy waiting for you to notice that I combed my hair without being told.

I am the first flower that blooms in your garden, nodding my head as you walk by, again.

I am the 87-year-old woman sweeping her sidewalk, alone, always, alone.

I am also the breeze ruffling the leaves at of the treetops, the hummingbird that pauses to make sure you aren’t a flower, the quiet just before the children wake up and your day begins.

I am 1,440 opportunities every day to be grateful, to breathe life in, to open your eyes to the world around you.

I am a moment.

I am yours.

By Kelly Letky @ thebluemuse


I recently came across a blog called The Blue Muse. I have enjoyed reading it and wanted to share it with you. Kelly was gracious in letting me post her poem {a moment}um. When I read her profound and thought provoking poem, it made me stop and think about all of the moments that slip by us daily; second my second. I find myself eagerly anticipating what my next moment will be so I might enjoy it more. It is easy to get caught up in the rush of what life can bring you and become so distracted that the moments that really count slip right past you; "Tempus fugit" (time flees). I was reminded by reading this poem, our moments should be cherished.


  1. A very lovely poem, and for sure the only way to live life... seizing each and every moment!

  2. You are so right Angela.
    It is sometimes difficult, but
    I do try.
    Hence the name of my blog!
    Love and hugs

  3. beautiful poem and your thoughts are beautiful as well

    love you