Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Impulse Buying Here

I Wish ~ I Like ~ I Want ~ I'll Think About It ....

When Charlie and I were on our "spontaneous" day away, we went through one of my favorite garden shops. As we browsed through the garden shop, I would take pictures with my cell phone of things I wish I could put in my dream house by the beach. The rest of the pictures, I took because I like it and want to show my daughter, or things I want and want some time to think about it. I find it is safer for me that way.

Beautiful flowers that made me think of France and how my heart yearns to go there. This one probably falls under all four. I wish, I like, I want, I think about it.

I have a thing for the color green and birds. I wanted this ~ still do. I could see this in my family room where we all gather in the evening. I thought the price was a little steep and decided not to get it... I wish I would have. I am kicking myself. I should add "kicking myself" to my categories.

This is a Abutilon 'Tiger Eye.' I actually did get one (different than the one shown, mine is the one in the link) and will plant it next to my swing in the backyard in front of the iron trellis my dad made me. It comes in different colors and is a vigorous evergreen shrub that will grow 10'. Beautiful Chinese Lantern looking flowers! It also attracts hummingbirds!

I liked these rocks that were stacked on each other.

I wish I had my dream house by the beach, because this seahorse would be sitting in my yard.

I liked this needlepoint butterfly pillow. It has a cream colored crushed velvet backing. So pretty! I could see it on my burnt orange couch in the living room.

Now, I thought this was neat! It was short pieces of drift wood assembled somehow on top of each other and was about 6' long. I wish I had a beach house, because this would be hanging in my yard somewhere.

A close up of the hanging driftwood. This would be a fun project to do with those pieces of driftwood I bring home from the beach.


  1. Someday, Angela, someday you will have it...never stop dreaming.

  2. I love it all too!
    But the driftwood is an amazing idea, guess who is off to the lake tomorrow with a bag, and camera!

  3. Charlie will build you that beach house you dream about. I love the beach so I will visit! LOL!!

    my dream house would you believe is a lake house! go figure!!

    love you