Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Change Can Be Wonderful ~

I recently rented the movie HOME and in the scene at the beginning of the movie, it showed the mother and daughter laying on the ground with a blanket (something my mom and I would do, but that is another post), looking up at the clouds having a conversation. It went like this:

Mom: I see a whale
Daughter: Where?
Mom: Right there look ~ it's tale is up and it has a spout.
Daughter: That's a teapot.
Mom: A teapot with an eye then.
Daughter: No, it has a flower painted on it. That's the flower part.
Daughter: Oh look! I see a barking dog!
Mom: Where?
Daughter: There!
Mom: Oh that's a good one!
Daughter: Aw mom look ~ he's changing. disappointed I think he's a lizard now.
Mom: Well the wind must be swirling. Look his tail is moving.
Daughter: I wish it would stay a dog.
Mom: Change is a part of life. Everything changes.
Daughter: I hate that! I am going to make it stay a dog.
Mom: You can't ~ look it's changing even now.
Daughter: In my mind I can.
Mom: Well, it might change into something wonderful and look! there your missing it... Oh, it's a knight in armour with a sword.
Daughter: No ~ he's still changing into a lizard.
Mom: Change can be wonderful.
Daughter: But it never is.

I admit it... I am one who has a hard time with change.

Life is ever changing. You can't get away from it. There will always be inevitable obstacles and inequities of life.

I have witnessed people who being resilient comes naturally and they are able to adapt to different environment's without any problem. I wish I had more of these qualities. It is something I am working on. It is a constant struggle, although there is progress.

Change promotes growth. Moving forward.

I have come to realize, I have to change the way I think about it. I don't want to miss it. How much have I missed?!

Change can be wonderful!



  1. I fight change too Angela. I like my rut, it's cosy!
    But what you say is right, change is growth, and can be good for us.

  2. Wonderful post to ponder, Angela.

  3. I believe the fastest I adopt change and embrace it, the fastest I can go on living my life. Change is good and if you adapt and overcome fast change won't ever seem like a burden. Love the post, and the conversation excerpt.

  4. I have a hard time with change as well though I accept it but I know how you feel your post is wonderful

    love you