Saturday, May 22, 2010

Down To The Last Drop ~

My niece Alexis had her birthday in February and I promised her I would take her to Cold Stone Ice Cream. It turned out to be a long-awaited date with colds, appointments, my studies, class and work. On Friday we finally had our time together! I picked her up from school and off we went. As she told the young man behind the counter she wanted chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, gummy bears and caramel, we exchanged looks with raised eyebrows. I didn't know how she was going to get that down. Oh my goodness! I picked coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup and heath bar crumbles.

Have you ever watched a child eat ice cream? Or anyone for that matter? Everyone eats it differently. We all have our own style; fast or slow and savoring every last drop. It was sweet to watch my niece enjoy it as much as she did. Going to Cold Stone was my first time and I shared this with Lexi.

Alexis said, "Auntie-Tia, it is my first time too!"
I said, "Well Lexi, then this really was special, wasn't it?!"
She could barely look up as she kept her eyes in her cup, scraping every last drop and nodded yes.

After we had the ultimate ice cream experience we headed over to Borders Book store. We both picked out books and I also got her a sweet butterfly book marker. I learned something new about my niece. She loves to read! We will be sure to make some trips to the library and book store more often.

We had a wonderful time!

Isn't it always nice to spend time with children?


  1. What a wonderful way to spend time with Lexie. Coldstone is divine. I love cake batter mixed with salted peanuts and a brownie. I NEVER order anything else.

    Happy belated birthday, Lexie. Enjoy every minute of your year. Next year perhaps you can go to Coldstone and Borders again and then, Voila!!, you will have a special tradition with your Auntie-Tia.

  2. I love beong with my Grandkids. They make me laugh (and cry-in a good way).
    Now I want ice cream!

  3. thankyou tia again for our day together.I had fun with you also. thank you for putting me on your blog. from alexis.

  4. WHAT a great memory! and you're right, we all eat ice cream differently.... wonderful that Alexis like to read!

  5. Annie ~ That sounds wonderful! I will have to try that next time.
    I think your right ~ it is fun to start new traditions!

    Sheila ~ kids say the cutest things! They do the same to me too!

    Oh Alexis! What a surprise sweetie! What a treat seeing you here! You know what? It was a pleasure spending time with you!
    Love you

  6. Shannon ~ Alexis picked out a chapter book that is about a mean lady bug... can you imagine a mean lady bug. I found out she is was almost to the 5th chapter.
    Your right ~ it is wonderful she likes to read. She is the oldest of four, so I hope they will pick that up from her.


  7. it is always fun to spend time with children and see things all over again through their eyes

    I can't wait till I get a day like that with my niece!!!

    love you