Monday, May 24, 2010

Reality Drama Show ~ Ha!

This picture is on our cafeteria bulletin board.

Scene one:

Our cafeteria serves two schools; an elementary (4th and 5th graders) and a Jr. High (6th through 8th grade). Periodically, both schools will use the cafeteria for testing, parties, assemblies, etc. Once in a while, both schools will want the cafeteria at the same time. How we handle this is on a "first come, first serve basis" to whomever reserves that particular time with us. Although once in a while the wires get crossed because someone (who oversees both schools), who doesn't check with everyone (without naming names to protect their identity and my job security). Tension arises between the teachers, and attitude you would never think they could possess, comes out; throwing assumptions of which activity is more important than the other and what they feel resides over the other. Let's just say... I am standing there shocked, trying to work it out between the teachers suggesting how it could be handled as far as scheduling recess, and break time. If mediation fails, I have to walk away and let them figure it out.

Scene 2:

During brunch break we serve only the 6th through 8th graders. On occasion we will have a fight break out. We have no supervision in the cafeteria itself; only out on the playgrounds. There are only three of us ladies in the kitchen part of the cafeteria serving the food. When calling the office, you have to press 9 then the office number. It is a process. Recently, we had one of those fights occur. It starts out with seeing the kids gather, then tighter and tighter with above normal talking that escalates into yelling, "Fight! Fight!" As we look out into the cafeteria, the kids are standing on the tables as they are trying to see the fight. Two of the ladies run out trying to get to the kids fighting and the third will call for help.

Scene 3:

Last week, as I was wrapping hamburgers for Ala cart, the secretary at the elementary school could be heard saying over the intercom, "Children, there are gophers out on the playground, Please leave them alone. Stay very far away from them!" Two minutes later, "Children, STEP AWAY FROM THE GOPHERS! LEAVE THEM ALONE. DO NOT TRY TO PLAY WITH THEM!"

Ohhh.... how I will miss the drama.

Five more days of school left!



  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha.... On Angela...this was so funny. I could just picture it!

    I worked in the Cafeteria for a short time when we moved to Hughson!

  2. thanks for sharing the funny story

    I am so glad that you have never been hurt when one of those fights escalates

    love you