Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Heart Saturday

I love Saturday! There is nothing like being able to sleep in, wake up to the birds chirping, enjoying a cup of java and waking up slowly. My daughter and I headed to our local farmers market after I went for my walk, had breakfast and showered. That's right, the farmers market is in full swing again!

Green tomatoes and garlic.

Fresh flowers.

Some music while browsing the vendors.

Strawberries from Watsonville!

After we shopped the farmers market, we headed to Sephora and picked up some make-up. Then we went to good ol' Traders Joe's! I love their flowers; they last such a long time. They have the best Heirloom mixed tomatoes too!

I washed my car as soon as we got home. At work, the birds are using my car as target practice. When I go outside, I tell them, "I love you birds! I am for you, not against you. Please do not poop on my car." Needless to say, they are not listening to me.

It is so nice to have accomplished so much and still feel like I have the whole day in front of me! Hmm ~ what shall I do? Go for a bike ride? Lay by the pool listening to music? Work out in the yard and enjoy the sun? Later... maybe share a bottle of wine with our neighbors across the street or stay in and watch some rented movies? Whatever happens, I feel like my Saturday belongs to me! There will be no studying or housework today.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday too!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a wonderful saturday! I love the farmer's market do you go to the one in downtown modesto? where do you go? I also love sephora great place to buy makeup.
    and wow Trader's Joes they rock

    Love you