Saturday, March 17, 2007

Post Office?

As I drive doing multiple errands I admire the painted canvas of the mail boxes; they give you a little peak of the owner's individual personality. This brings a memory back to me, of my mom buying the biggest traditional mail box and painting a mural of wild flowers and a butterfly similar to the one I posted. I can recall over-hearing my dad giving a friend instructions to our house and then telling them they couldn't miss it, just look for the mail box with the beautiful painting on it! My mom would just smile.
We have come a long way baby! From the beginning of the Pony Express to the United States Postal Service ... getting mail to each other via the horse, vehicle and airplane.
Not only can we correspond and communicate, you can now pay your bills with your computer, by putting your cursor arrow on send and by the click of the mouse. Before you can say squeak... it's on its way!
In the morning, I check my e-mail and will usually find a "letter" from my son Rob. He is already at work in Nebraska, it is a two hour difference. As I am waking up drinking my coffee, we have a conversation via e-mail. sigh.... My daughter Diandra will send me letters from the heart. I cherish e-mails like these. smile.... I can compose a letter, send it, come home, and have a reply waiting for me. Just like that! It is faster than sending it in the mail with the United states Post Office. Now, with blogging you can post something, meet, and get to know people from all over the world, through comments. Just like that!
Let me tell you about a Dear wonderful friend of mine. She is so sweet and caring, I call her my Wanda Mom! I look forward to getting newsletters from a church I dearly love. She has a monthly article in it, and no matter what, I read it first!... (Sorry Pastor Don). Well, guess what?! I no longer have to wait once a month to read her insights; she now has a blog! I can read her inspirational musings each time she has "posted" (no pun intended) something new! Be sure to check her blog out and say "Hi!"
I am loving the speed of the computer, however, I do worry about the sending and receiving of traditional mail. I wonder, will it soon be a lost art?


  1. I love this cyber world. I'm blown away by how many new friends I've met through my one connection to Trish's Dishes. Then came Darlene through that connection. Then you and Wanda and a host of others. This rocks. Love the mailboxes, too. My neighborhood doesn't have individual mailboxes and I miss that. (insert pouty look here)

  2. Love the mailboxes!!!!! I worry that letter writing will become a lost I write LOTS of letters! I do love blogging and the computer world also...but nothing like getting mail in your mailbox!!!! :-)
    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  3. Those mailboxes!!! WOW!! What works of art! Oh,I so agree with Vicci, we can't let letter writing become a lost art. I love writing letters, in fact this January my resolution was to write my children and grandchildren a letter a week! It's been a fantastic connection!
    And Angela dear, thank you for the introduction to all your blog friends.
    I love you every day
    Wanda Mom

  4. There is no better feeling than opening up a parcel or letter that is NOT a bill!

  5. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you were driving slow...wait, I think I just did...and did I say "were" or always drive...

    Maybe it's just the strength in the jag, it moves so steadily along, ya know what I mean?

    I had fun today mommy.

    love you,


  6. Excuse me baby girl!?
    I believe I do the speed limit!! :)
    As you should be too!

    I had a blast today! We need to do that more often!

    loving you

  7. Oh Yes! I LOVE getting real snail mail! You should seeeeeeeee my mail box! It is sooooo rusty and the lid is off! Thanks! for the neat pics, that one with the #'s on the post give me a great idea for my new mailbox fixer- upper! Are you saying I am rusty Angela??? LOL Just teasing you girly!! Sounds like you had a sweet time with Dee Dee! My Gina was here visiting today! We always seem to be laughing about something! Love and prayers, Cinda

  8. As much as I love email and blogging, nothing takes the place of a handwritten letter. I love to write, so I always make sure to send a real letter in the mail to family and friends every now and then.

  9. Hmmm...I love the cyber, but am still too traditional. I like to get traditional mail...just today the UPS truck by and I remembered that when I saw one a kid, I would always get excited about the surprise package. I send stuff in the mail all the time. There's just something about it that I love.

  10. I also love getting cards, letters, surprise packages in the mail! Even things that I have ordered!