Monday, March 19, 2007

I have been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Paige better known as Skinny little Blonde. I am to list 5 little known facts about myself. At first I thought that I was to list "5 weird," I then checked to see what the other lucky tagged people listed and I found them to list both "little known" and "weird." I believe I have accomplished both! I found this to be fun and a little harder then I expected!

I will constantly check to see if I have turned something off or unplugged it. It can be as bad as having to be somewhere, almost getting there and turning back to check. This drives my husband cRaZy about me and not in a good way! I believe there is medication for this.

2. Most of the time, I have to sit by a door when I am at a function, meeting, or even at church. I don't like feeling like I am closed in or trapped. If I do sit in the front or middle of the room at these events, it is a good day for me or a real work is going on inside me. Medication for this too!

3. I get a little disgruntled when I go to read the Newspaper and it is all messy and out of order.

4. I will stay awake to hear the crashing of the waves, or the wind chimes in the breeze. I do not want to miss the melody of the sweet crashing waves washing in, and returning out again to the sea.

5. For being on the shy side, I find it easy to talk and share personal things with people that I do not know more than with people I have known for quite some time.

I will throw this one in!

When I was younger, in my high school days. My friends and I would jump off of this bridge before they boarded it up. We would also go to Rainbow Falls somewhere in Mariposa County and slide off of the cliffs. Way to much fun!

Someone who's Major is Psychotherapy would have a field day with this post!

hmmm... I am supposed to pick five lucky people and I choose:




Tourette's mom

Turquoise Cro

You can consider yourself tagged!


  1. Hey Girlfriend! What a fun and interesting post! And I learned a lot.
    Check out your post, there is a huge gap between your post and your might need to correct that!
    Love and hugs xoxo
    Wanda Mom

  2. kewl funny post and wonderful picutre of the bridge and flower. kewl blog intresting stuff all you got there so be in touch

    regards Biby - Blog

  3. (((Angela)))
    What a fun post! I love all your pics and I can just picture you jumping off that bridge. As for not sharing the magazines,,,I totally hear that as I am a magazine/book nut. Now I can't wait to see what Dar and Diandra will post.
    By the way your daughter is positively beautiful and I love checking her blog.
    Have a wonder*filled day,

  4. Ah HA! I got tagged for this in Feb. So if you see my 02/22/07 entry, you'll see my list ( Hope you enjoy my answers!

  5. Fun list! Does your mom know you jumped off that bridge? Guess she couldn't use that old saying, "If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" :)

  6. Angela....We didn't get any rain here!!!! I'm bummed...we need it!

  7. This was a fun tag! Thanks for sharing another side of you! I can't believe you jumped off the bridge and slid down the cliffs!! You're a bit of a dare devil aren't you!?! I just tagged you for a birthdate related one. It's kind of fun and interesting. Visit my blog for the guidelines!


  8. I see you tagged me and my weird facts about me are up as well! :)

    I only give my magazines to people if I'm sure that I don't ever want to look at it again, but I do hate throwing them away because then I feel like I'm wasting maybe someone else's could be enjoyment of them.

  9. How much fun you must have had jumping off that bridge! Good times!
    Lol, with checking the plugs on things. I go through phases like that...checking the oven, the dryer etc., before leaving or sleeping.
    Thanks for playing Sweet Surrender... this was fun, light & entertaining!