Wednesday, March 28, 2007

*~* Happiness *~*

I was at an end of a day's work when my supervisor Billie (who somehow recognizes all of the ladies ring tones to our cell phones) told me I had gotten a call. She will always let me know when I am getting a call since this is when my son Rob will call and leave me messages when on his break. It always cheers me up to get messages from my kids or loved ones.

I got my phone, pressed for my messages, started listening to a sweet voice from my friend telling me to come to her house when I got off from work because she had something for me......

When she orders her beads for her many creations, a certain company will give her a little courtesy bag of beads for her order as a "thank-you." On one of our visits together at her house, I was admiring all of her beautiful gems, when she noticed me looking at these particular flower beads and then explained how she got them. She proceeded to tell me she didn't know what she was going to do with them... probably make some jewelery for children. I questioned her why for just children? She said she wouldn't wear them, so she didn't think many adults would wear them. I told her I would wear them... She was surprised and said,"You would?" I told her I thought that they were pretty!

I was very surprised when I got to her house and she presented me with this lovely flower necklace regardless of how she felt about the beads! This necklace has even more meaning to know that she not only listened..... but she heard me and cared enough to show me.

I love it! My necklace makes me feel happy when I wear it!

The Comfort of Friends~

There are certain people whom we are
so close to and who are
so dear to our hearts
There are certain people who can
bring us a ray of happiness with just a smile
and who can make us feel better
just by listening and showing that they care
There are certain people who can
make our day with a kind word
They can bring us hope when
our hearts are low
They are a part of who we are, and
they make a difference in our lives
They offer us the comfort of knowing
someone understands
and the satisfaction of knowing
we have something to believe in
They are people like you
who are so deserving
of such admiration and praise...
for it's friends like you who are
forever loved so dearly

Shannon M. Lester

Today, show someone who is special and matters to you that you do care!


  1. What a beautiful necklace. I have to agree: I'd wear those beads! Great job, Darlene!

    Listening: it's truly a gift. I always appreciate my friends who listen and actually hear.

    You are blessed.

  2. How Sweet of your friend! She couldn't have done it for a NICER person! I'm glad the beads make you HAPPY.....they are pretty! I'm on a bead kick now Sweets...among other things of course! We actually got about 3 minutes of snow yesterday! it's warming up today though! NO MORE COLD WEATHER!!!! :-)

  3. Love the necklace...and the poem!!

    XOXO Sophie

  4. What wonderful words and such a wonderful gesture from your friend. The beads are beautiful! But even more beautiful is the fact that, as you said, you were heard and cared for. Friendship is such a blessing!

  5. Aww....Good Friends!
    Funny...I think the necklace is beautiful too!
    Maybe at first, she just saw the tree, if you will, and you helped her to see the whole forest & this little necklace is a little thank-you for all that & some!

  6. O! this gave me shivers!!! Shivers of Happiness! That necklace is soooooo BEAUTY FULL! It is a gift that keeps on giving every time YOU wear it!!! We have the same taste Angela, I would wear that too! It is so Sweet and delicate looking! What a sweet darling dollbaby friend!!! tee hee (wink)xoCinda

  7. I got to do exactly that today! Show someone I cared. Isn't that the best! How sweet a friend to hear what you saying and to follow up with a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Friends like that are great! Good for both of you!

  8. Beautiful necklace, friend, tribute! You touch folks and they touch you back! How very blessed!