Monday, March 26, 2007

Kids are so darn cute!

One of the ladies that I work with had to go to a funeral in Hawaii, so we were short an extra person. You see, we're already down with one lady regularly due to long-term sick leave. When we have two people short, our supervisor has to fill in. All of us ladies love this and see it as an oportunity for our boss to see first hand what we are talking about with different issues within the cafeteria.

I don't know if it is just the change of weather, but the kids at school are acting strangley different! The fourth and fifth graders have been so rambunctious and loud! When Billie (our supervisor) is in her padded office she can not hear them. Sometimes it has gotten unbearable with the lunch ladies/cafeteria aids blowing their whistles in addition to the sound level that the kids are making. Billie was now experiencing the loudness for herself, and would get up from the register several times to walk out into the cafeteria where the kids were being seated. I guess she was hoping her presence would quiet them down.... it worked only for a short while. After they were all seated she gave them a "talking to".

It was time to wash tables, and I was standing out there with the children listening to the cafeteria aids blowing their whistles once again. Then a hush came over the room. I looked to see Billie enter with an "I have HAD it!" look on her face. She then proceeded to tell them she didn't want to hear one sound out of them for five minutes!

She told them all, "Look at the clock, don't look at me... look at the clock! You all know how to tell time. For five minutes not one sound! I want to hear a pin drop!"

One, two, three, four and finally five mintues pass. She then said, "OK! I know that you can do this! From now on, I want to hear nothing but a dull roar come out of you!"

While she was walking back to her sound proof office, as if planned unanimously, all the kids said in a dull, low voice... "ROAR!" She whipped her head around as if had she gotten bit in the butt. The aids and I started laughing hysterically and Billie had to turn her head fast because she almost lost her look of sternness, and started to laugh with us!

I love working with children! I couldn't believe how quick-whitted they were, almost as if it were planned!


  1. Oh man. That is classic! Brings back memories of being that young and rambuctious (did I spell that right?).

    Thanks for sharing and for the laugh!

  2. I can't deal with loud kids; my nephews are exactly like that, but they are so darn cute. I'm ready to give them back to their parents after the day though! :)

    BTW, your daughter is beautiful!...want to come to Texas and take some pictures for me?? :)

  3. Aren't kids the funniest and the best? Yes, they are loud. They are programmed that way. The universe revolves around them, that is why!

  4. Kids this time of year get the spring fling itch. They, particularly boys and girls in 5 and 6 grades are going through those extra ordinary changes. Good for Billie. She is my kind of gal! What Great self discipline for the kids to learn!

  5. Lol, that is great! Kids are so quick-witted & can take things literally! Next time, she'll be more careful on her wording.
    I think the kids have spring fever! ;)

  6. There´s something in the air...the kids at my work have been acting different too. Bit cranky and tired, but they are still cute :)

    XO Sophie

  7. Yes...children are fun!!! Funny...and such HAMS!!!! I LOVE them!

  8. It's the wind...pets and small human beings always react to wind. Believe me...after umpteen years of teaching, I disliked windy days for that reason alone.

    Okay...done with the 'Official' part of this comment.....

    Hi sweet love :) Call me, Ang was loud and kept me busy, mom ended up not coming and I watched the BEST movie ever....3 times !!!
    laughed and cried at all the same scenes...this ones a keeper

    What? You want to know which movie it was?

    Call me (I know...I'm a brat)
    but that's why you love me.....right?

    oxxo dar

  9. ahhh .. the loverly spring fever : )

    this post makes me miss teaching oh so very much ... sigh ...

  10. Gina's kids have settled down now but at the first and a little before Spring they were WILD! She teaches first grade! I can just hear them all saying that! tee hee xoCinda