Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Butterfly ~

A butterfly tickling my hand
Butterfly Child~
When I first saw you
Standing in the morning dew
Butterflies were dancing in your hair
Holding you seemed
As impossible as a dream
As I reached out to touch you... you were no longer there.
How could I know
That I'd ever let you go?
The butterflies and you were much too rare.
You fluttered away
And I couldn't make you stay
The call of the wild was much too strong to bear.
Butterfly child
You're running wild
Up in the air, lovely and rare
Gentle and mild
I tried so hard to tie you down... but you just flew away.
By Ruthie Pearlman
* * * * *


Take a step outside your shell
To drink the secrets of the well
No longer will you fit inside
There's no more need to run and hide
It's easy now to be yourself
And set your fears upon a shelf
To close your eyes for just a thought
And reconsider all you're taught
Wishes made when you were young
Captured in the songs you sung
Freed your heart to laugh and play
Reminders of a former day
So now you look through open eyes
To ask the hows, the whens, the whys
To search the world to find your part
And free the dreams within your heart

By Robert Longley

* * * * *

She's almost a butterfly~
She's almost a butterfly
She has not yet evolved to the beauty sure to be hers
But growing pains will not hold her back
She left the cocoon forever and is destined to seek and claim the sky
She's almost a butterfly.
She struggles to find wind strong enough to lift her wings
And gentle enough to let her spirit learn to soar
Soar above those who doubt with judging eyes
And from those too afraid to live or even try.
Is there really such strength waiting to flick from the wings of youth
Wings that do not yet span or flutter or dance
But leave her grounded, sorting through a riot of color
To find those that fit her best.
Years feel like ages when really it's only been a moment
Since she started the quest of self image and growth
But she'll see it through and claim her sky
So that never again can it be said
She's almost a butterfly.

Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip Journals. All rights reserved.
* * * * *
I have been thinking a lot about when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly lately. The transformation that takes place. I feel at odds with myself. The kids are all grown up, they do not need me like they use to. This is the way it should be. Please do not misunderstand me, I get and want that.
I read other blogs and everyone seems to know what they are doing and what they want just in general. I had a life that I felt very content with. This is a season of change for me... instead of feeling like a fish out of water, I am hoping that it will be as graceful as the butterfly.


  1. Look at sweet sweet beautiful YOU! :-)

  2. Is Butterfly Child you too? What a lovely poem, and what beautiful portrait of you. The sunshine in your hearts shows through!

  3. BEAUTY FULL!!! Those pics are all SWEET! I LOVE butterflies! They always EXCITE me like RAINBOWS! xooxooxCinda

  4. It is said that butterflies only land on the hand of the most gentle souls. It appears this one not only landed but stayed a while.
    smiles to you and yours,

  5. This poem is so lovely! I enjoyed reading this post. And BTW - you are lovely yourself.

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments~

    Austin of Sundrip, I want to thank you for your permission letting me post this beautiful poem "She's almost a Butterfly," and also the comment you left me. It brought tears to my eyes.... I did not know what you had shared.
    Again *Thank-you*

  7. I agree with Vicci...look at sweet beautiful you!
    Lol that you visit blogs & think that everyone seems to know what they are doing & in general what they want. Surely, mine is not one of those! I think most people post about what they know & like or...what they want to know and what they don't like. You must visit the former. I think almost all of us girls are kinda like butterflies ...fluttering through life. I beleive we ALL have the butterfly effect...impacting and being impacted by things sometimes unseen or unknown. One thing leads to another.
    Sweet Peace to Butterfly Angel!

  8. Mommy,

    I love this post. Even with how long, and hard I know you worked on it, it came out just right.

    I love what Austin has shared with you, and now with me! I also love, that I have been the one blessed, because I know you and your beautiful soul. WOW. WHat he said...That was poweful.

    loving u, always,

    your baby girl

  9. Oh love... you are SO SWEET.
    I can but only imagine how you must be feeling.
    One day I will *know*...

    For now all I can say is that change can be painful and hard... but once you get through it you will wonder why you fought it so hard *at least that is usually my experience* ~grin~

    (hugs) and love to you Butterfly!

  10. I love how you related these gorgeous pics to the poems <33 ive been thinking about metamorphasis a lot lately too, which it was really strage to come accross this just the day after! but i love all of the things you expressed<3

  11. If it makes you feel any better, I have no clue what I am doing at any given time. I am like you, still looking. One day I hope to meet myself, introduce myself to me, and become my own friend. Maybe we will have some free time to go shopping and read a good book!!!!
    Love the photos, cutey pie!

  12. These are adorable pictures and consider yourself hugged from me.

    you are a lovely creature with or without the butterfly :)

    love you forever
    XOXO Darlene

  13. Hi there,
    this is Faith-Magdalene Austin, the lady who wrote She's Almost A Butterfly. I wanted to let you know that my site has changed (quite some time ago actually). I wanted to see if I could get you to update my copyright links. I'm still Sundrip but I'm now Sundrip.com.
    The correct copyright info is as follows:
    © to Sundrip Journals All Rights Reserved
    If I could get you to link to the Sundrip website from the old (and now closed blog) I'd be a happy camper.
    Thanks again,
    Faith-Magdalene Austin
    Sundrip - Art for Life