Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Beautiful Broken Shell ~

It is low tide and I watch, mesmerized, as the
ocean rises slowly...curls... and then spills its
white-laced foam onto the shore.

I walk by a broken scallop shell...
and leave it to search for
more perfect ones.

But then I stop...
go back...and pick up
the broken shell. I realize
that this shell is me
with my broken heart.

This shell is people who are hurting...
people who have lost loved ones...
people who are frightened or alone...
people with unfulfilled dreams.

Broken shells teach us not to
look at our imperfections... but to look
at the beauty... the great beauty...
of what is left.

I watch the rolling surf
toss new shells onto the shore,
and I am reminded of the many times
that I, too, have been tossed
by the storms of life and worn down
by the sands of time, just like
my beautiful broken shell.
But I am reminded that broken
shells don't stand alone.

Thank You, Lord, for being with me
to share my life... to help me
carry my burdens.

Thank You for the precious gift of faith
that keeps me strong when I am weak...
that keeps me going when it
would be easier to quit.

Thank You, Lord, for hope in times of despair...
for light in times of darkness...
for patience in times of suffering...
for assuring me that with You
all things are possible.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
and those who are crushed in spirit He saves.
Psalm 34:18

*Taken from the book, My Beautiful Broken Shell by Carol Hamblet Adams


  1. Wow. Just stopped by on my daily blog-walk. And you have no idea how this post spoke to me! I am wrestling with a few things that are trying to bring me down. And this just spoke to me - straight from God. Thank you.

  2. Aw...beautiful post!

    I have a collection of 'broken' shells. They are perfect to me.... with all their holes, I can string them into windchimes, door way beads, barefoot sandals & charms.

  3. Beauty Full post Angela!!! Praise GOD!!! Alleluia!!! May God Bless YOU and YOURS today and tomorrows!!! xo, Cinda

  4. Angela: I was a broken shell this morning, wasn't I, with my frustration. But you came, you soothed, you smiled, you made me feel whole! And the result was good. Right?
    Thanks for sharing your broken shells and you love.

    Wanda Mom

  5. Awesome. We all have aspects of a broken shell don't we? This photo and these words are so fantastic Angela. Love them!

  6. awww, you must have been with me, or me with you, yesterday....I came home, arms heavy, with a bucket of broken shells....a bucket of beautiful old-soul keepers.... Feel the love!

  7. We two are broken shells, aren't we?

    Things that break expose what is internal...the real thing.

    we two

    xOx Dar

  8. Broken shells are just as pretty as whole ones!!! Beautiful post! Thanks about the G and Sabine books...I have 3 of them...they are awesome! and you are so right...I DO love them! :-)

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  11. Thank you for the reminder.

    This blog and the date TOUCHED me deep.

    GOD is here with us.

    I feel loved.

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