Friday, February 23, 2007

This is a picture of my dad in 1973. I was eight years old.

On my Birthday every year my Daddy was alive, He would always call me precisely at 12:00 a.m.. He wanted to be the first one to say, "Happy Birthday Baby!"

The last year he was with me..... we knew it was a time for us to say whatever that was on our mind and to ask questions. I asked him what stood out in his mind most about me. He said, without even having to think about it, while trying not to cry, "I knew that I wanted you so bad it hurt, before you were even conceived. When your momma told me she was pregnant with you, it was one of the happiest days of my life!"

After he past away, his friends shared with me that on my Birthday, he would still celebrate it with his friends if he wasn't with me. I know he is celebrating me today where he is now.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet soul! I know your Daddy is smiling on you. Big hugs for you today little Pisces mermaid! May your world be blessed!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet woman!!!
    Your dad was a very handsome man.
    I know he is celebrating with you. I think you know it too.
    God bless you and your family, enjoy your day!

  3. Happy Birthday Angela...Your Dad looks so sweet...I know he is singing you a very happy birthday!


    Papa has some wise/sarcastic remark about you turning an age older to say I am sure! I can just imagine him saying something that would make our jaws drop except that they wouldn't because HE said it, and its to be expected from him. Huh?! I loved that about him. Still love it.

    AND I love you! Thank you Papa for my Mommy!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Angela! What a beautiful post! Your dad looks SO happy in that photograph...and I'm sure he's still grinning, especially today. Hugs, Angela. Have the BEST of celebrations!

  6. Yep! I bet he's still CELEBRATING this most glorious day in his life! Aren't they the most SWEETEST days on Earth, the birth of our children????!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET ANGELA MARIE! May God Bless YOU and YOURS today!!! Hope you are making sweet memories today! xo, Cinda (((((((Angela Marie)))))) very tight! lol

  7. Happy Birthday Sweet Surrender!
    Happy bithday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl...Happy Birthday to You! (singing)
    Yes, I imagine he is celebrating!
    LOL, when I was a kid I started thinking a little too hard on the birthday thing & asked my Mom why we didn't give HER gifts on OUR birthdays? It was afterall, the day SHE gave birth to, in my little head they should be HER birthdays! Hahahaha...if birthdays worked like that I would still be so very young and she would be 5x her age (looking might good for someone 400+ years old)!

  8. Hi Angela,

    In response to the comment you left on my blog about not knowing how to put the list of blogs you visit to the side ~ do you use Blogger Beta? (I think that's the "newer" version.) If you do and want me to write down some instructions, I'll be glad to do that. I'm just learning how to do things with my blog, too, but this is one thing I know! You can email me at and let me know if you'd be interested. :-)

  9. Happy Birthday..even though I don't even know you, I just feel as if I do...The picture of your dad looks just like mine did back then. Brought back a lot of memories..thanks!

  10. I know I'm a bit late...but Happy Birthday!

    Hope you had a wonderful day :)

    XO Sophie

  11. Beautiful picture of my Handsome older brother , always remember sweetie that he is with you always!