Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day ~

Today is Valentines Day..... it is one of my favorite days. Being a little girl at school, and getting to work on our Valentine baggie's the week prior to Valentine's Day was a real treat. I can remember decorating a paper bag and pasting cut-out hearts, glitter, embellishments and tokens of love. We would then tape this bag to the back of our chairs and on Valentines Day, walk around and drop our Valentines into the bags. We'd then feast on home made sugar cookies made with love and take our decorated paper bags from the back of our chairs, pulling out our Valentine's, blushing and giggling as we read each of them. That day would change the feeling at recess proceeding our Valentine's day party for a day or two. Chasing and hitting someone new.
I married my Husband on this day. It is our 21st anniversary! Our love has stood the test of time. I never could imagine loving him more than on the day I married him. Mmmm... but I do. As Singleton says... "love grows and grows!" Yes it does!
To my valentine~
As deep as
the deep blue sea,
As pure as
the pearls of the ocean,
So deep is
my love for you,
So pure is
my heart's devotion.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you had a good time on your R&R weekend! Enjoy the day Sweet Angela!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I wish you and your husband a wonderful day and many more in the future.

    Hugs & kisses,


  3. How SWEET! HAPPY Valentine's Day and HAPPY 21st ANNIVERSARY!!! Hope you had lots of memory making moments on your get-away!!!xo, Cinda

  4. Happy Valentines Day & Happy Anniversary!
    So glad yawl were able to get away over the week-end!
    Twenty-one Years! Amazing....LOL, you really DO NOT look old enough!Your marriage really must ba a good hasn't aged you a bit!

  5. You're HOME!!!


    That cloud picture is adorable...

    I think someone much Mightier than your sweet hubby, loves you too!

    I missed you
    XOXOXO Darlene

  6. Loved the clouds, the cookies and the sweet hearts. Mostly, I love our friendship. I leave tomorrow for LA. When I get back I should have my photo to get my banner going. Thanks for your comment.
    Happy V and Happy A.
    I love you every day!

  7. I love the heart in that cloud. isn't it crazy how your eyes just "came" over that in the sky? What a God-sign, a little present from Him to you. I bet when He put that cloud in the sky He was thinking something like, "Now my Angela needs a little smile today. I think that she'd notice this heart if I put it in the sky; she's sentimental and notices these little things. Yes, a heart to show her My love. Remind her."

    Doesn't that just make your heart melt!? God, he loves us so!

    I love you mommy!


  8. What a wonderful day to have as one's anniversary! May your happiness and love for each other keep on growing!

    I enjoyed your memories of being back at school with the Valentine's card boxes taped to the backs of our desk chairs. That's exactly what we would do, too!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!! Your cookies look yummy.

  10. Happy Anniversary, that is fantastic that you found YOUR MAN!!!
    ANd kept him for 21 years. Good one!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you both, many more years of happiness I wish for you....

  11. Oh Angela, it sounds like everyday is an anniversary for the two of you....How wonderful to find, in this big ole crazy world, "the one". God bless you both and all around you. Love grows.

  12. Happy Anniversary! (OK - I'm a few days late, but if you're like me late greetings are always fun because they make the special day last a bit longer!) He sounds like a catch!;)

  13. Happy Anniversary! How wonderful! I loved your description of Valentine's day and school days. I had to chuckle...I had just recounted to my daughter my fond Valentine's Day memories, and I had told her, "We decorated small paper bags and hung them on the back of our chairs. Then we went around and delivered each of the Valentine's....." Oh, such great memories. It is one of my favorite days also!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I especially smiled at the confetti! :-)

    Have a great weekend!