Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Everything is just Blooming!

Monday was Presidents Day, I had the day off. It was such a beautiful day out, I decided to take some time off from going through some things in my room and take a drive! I have decided that I can not go anywhere without my camera! Everything is just blooming!
The warm weather is so nice! I even slept with my bedroom window open!
What is blooming where you live?


  1. Nothing is blooming as I can seeeeeeeeee in West Virginia! It is still Wintery looking where I live! I can't imagine those peeps in NY though with all that snow, almost 150 inches of snow! You have Spring now it looks like to me! I woke up this morning to birds singing so sweet and it reminded me of a Spring morning! Isn't Spring March 21st? What gorgeous colors I have to look forward to! Thanks! for sharing these beauty full pics! xo, Cinda

  2. ohhhh...those drives are magical, aren't they?

    so glad you did this. i might do the same.

    lovely blooms!

    hugs hugs hugs and more hugs.


  3. Oh Angela: It makes me want to come home! Our valley is beautiful this time of year, isn't it?
    I love you every day!

  4. Yes!!!! Angela...Spring fever is upon us!!!! The blooms are so beautiful! New life everywhere!

  5. Spring flowers that shouldn´t be blooming in febuary, are blooming here in the netherlands. It has been a warm winter...

    XO Sophie

  6. Oh! Your trees are blooming already! Ours are just budding. I did spot some daffodils ready to bloom any day now! It is so exciting! I love spring. I saw some primroses at the store today and I just may have to buy some to plant in my patio pots! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring drive with us.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Actually the retreat was this past weekend...I'm just slow in writing about it!

    Happy Spring!

  7. peace and love are blooming here. Everything else is on a long winter's nap! So glad you had a three day week-end!

  8. Gorgeous flowers!! Are those cherry blossoms?

  9. Aren't we the luckiest to have such beautiful flowers! I think that if everyone looked around them and saw all the different examples of God's love for us, they'd be suprised. I mean, I love that about you Mommy. You always look at the little things, and are awed by them.

  10. Thank you for those photographs! I'm only seeing blooming things on blogs as this point, but it won't be long. There is some kind of bulb that just sprouted from beneath the bed of pine needles around my front porch. This is my first spring in my new home, and I'm curious to see what the old owners planted!