Monday, February 5, 2007

Babe Rainbows ~

My son gave this beautiful girl her engagement ring on this cliff. He is in the Air Force stationed in Nebraska, and she lived here in California. He was not able to give her the engagement ring until he came home for the Holiday. They were married on December 23 of this last year, just shy of two months.
I was asked to go with them when he gave her the ring. I felt so honored to witness and capture this magical moment. History in the making so to speak ....... I am smiling. I feel very blessed that Rob has found his special someone. I love her as if she was my very own. What a gift!!

*note: when I took the picture of them on the cliff, I could only see one rainbow. When we got home, I uploaded the pictures onto the computer. And to my amazement...... A double rainbow!!
**note: click on picture for a larger view!


  1. (((Angela)))
    What a gloriously beautiful couple!
    I can only imagine how blessed and honoring it was to be invited to witness such a monumental moment in their lives. And double rainbows but be an amazing sign that God was happy to be a witness to this as well.

    Much love to you,

  2. Momma,
    That second rainbow was surely a Godsend. What it's precise meaning is at this moment I am not positive, but I am sure it was sent to bless nessa and rob's wedding. The picture's still amaze me.
    Hey, maybe you should be the photographer at my wedding...magical things could happen. *wink
    love you,
    love sissy

  3. WoWieeEEEEE! I LOVE rainbows! Leaving the beach one year we kept going through rainbow after rainbow!(3) and I squealed and screamed like a young child! Yes! I think Your babes got a most Beauty Full gift from God that day and I'm so Glad you were there to capture the moments! Congratulations! and I can most definately remember this date from now on because guess who else got married on December 23??? Wooooo Hooooo! xoxoxox

  4. What beautiful pictures. What a beautiful couple. I was so blessed to be at there wedding and experience their love first hand.
    Again, you are such a good photographer! Good job Mom.
    I love you every day!

  5. Angela!!! What amazingly beautiful pictures! And the second rainbow! All the colors are so rich! God pulled out the stops! Thank you for sharing this special event with us! You're such a gifted photgrapher.

  6. Those two are the brightest rainbows ever!!!:)

    We're old...aren't we!?

    Those are our babies getting married *wink*

    love you a ton,
    xoxo d

  7. What an awesome engagement and the pictures are brilliant. How great of your son to let you be part of that special moment!

  8. Those pictures look as magical as the couple on them.

    xo Sophie

  9. It's not often that a camera can catch magic, a moment in time bigger than words.....
    Beautiful blessing....

  10. Angela,

    What magnificent pictures! And how wonderful that you were invited to be there so you could witness this moment and capture it for all time with your photography. The double rainbows ~ what a bright, unexpected blessing that must have been to see them materialize in your image. Such joy!

    Rob and Nessa are indeed a beautiful couple! Congratulations to them on their marriage and to you on adding a daughter to your family!

  11. Perfection!!!!
    I love this. You are blessed to love your new DIL so much...a friend of mine today was praying for someone for her son. Someone she will adore and get along with are very lucky indeed.
    Great photos, these are such treasures. You are one lucky lady to have these two kids!

  12. Amazing.
    How beautiful & profound... just magical.
    A match made in Heaven.

  13. What a beautiful sharing and beautiful pictures.