Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Cute!

I had a chance to spend the day with two of my four grandson's (Ryan will be four this Monday and Caleb will be three this September). Let me tell you a little about our day. It all started when I picked them up. We went to my house and they watched a movie they brought with them called Shark Boy and Lava Girl. They got their cars out and played with them while they watched this movie. It's amazing how kids can multi-task at one time. While I was going through my mail, I kept hearing the oldest of these two, Ryan, saying something during the movie. I then realized, Ryan had this movie memorized. I was amazed.. and then I didn't know if I should be concerned. It was so cute to see the boys start laughing. I have always found it interesting how during cartoons or movies, young children will laugh at certain times. It tells you what they find funny, and you can see their personalities start to form. We then, had some lunch and then we headed for the park. They played on the jungle gym for a little while. They started to get bored. I told them, "Lets go to the car and see what Mimi brought with us to the park." This park is a base ball field, with a jungle gym. It also has a cement side walk going all around the park for people to walk. I have been walking the dogs in the morning so that they could get some exercise. As I was walking, I would notice the field just feeling so huge and green. I kept picturing the kids just running with balls. So knowing I was going to have them, I went to Wal-Mart and got the balls. I had to make sure they were the same color. Ryan thinks that every toy is his. I was trying to eliminate any problems with getting two different colors... Back to our day.
I opened the trunk, all you could hear is a "gasp" coming from both of them. They were so excited. We took the balls down to the field...

and just ran after them. They did that for about 45 minutes. They giggled the whole entire time! It was so sweet! Caleb kept saying as he was giggling "Hey! Come back here!" to the ball!

After playing with the balls Ryan just collapsed and said, "Mimi! I am tired!"

Caleb also liked to roll on the ball.

We went back to the jungle gym and rolled the balls down the slide.

We decided to go home get a snack and go swimming.

Ryan and Caleb playing peek-a-boo with me.

Whew! Mimi is tired!


  1. No wonder Mimi is tired, here, put your feet up and let me fix you a martini, Mimi~!!!
    You are a great grandmother, as in GREAT. That is wonderful, kids adore surprises, and to get them all tired out like that for their parents is priceless. Way to go!
    (re; my post, I can't paint either. I am going to try though! I'll let you know how it goes. Yes, it looks like fun!!!)

  2. You are a nice Mimi!!
    I can't wait to become a grandma myself!!!
    No kids in sight (yet)....
    It was a great idea of you to buy the big balls. You wore the kids out, too, I am sure!
    It is great that you have a swimming pool, the grandchildren will always like to come to you!

  3. Being a grandmother is turning out to be more fun than I ever expected. My 11-month-old grandson took his first steps yesterday and it was such a joy to watch!!!

    The other good thing is when you get tired of them you can give them back to their mothers :)

    Stop by and see me sometime


  4. wow! what an adventurous day Mimi had! where was aunt Diandra? well it
    looks like you and the boys had a great time and when they have grand kids of their own they will always treasure the special day they had with Mimi!

  5. I hope my niece doesn't mind if I save Mimi's ball idea for future sharing with my grandchildren. It looks like so much pure innocent fun. No batteries needed!!

    Those pictures are priceless...the boys really are two cute!

  6. Oh sweet Grandma Angela...What a darling set of pictures and grandsons....They look like Daddy!
    Isn't Grandma the greatest title we wear?

  7. How SWEET!!! Ryan is a cutie but LOOK at those eyes on Caleb, he looks like Mimi!!! LOL Both the boys are DOLLBABIES! and I can just hear that GASP when they saw those Big Blue Balls!!! O! YOU have a pool??? What time can I come over???lol Isn't blogging GREAT, now YOU have a place to keep this memory to go back to! !

  8. Children happy as this make everyday a holiday!

  9. OMG they are adorable!!! I"m so glad you shared pics of your grandkids... how cute.. and I know how busy a gramma can be when they visit. You sound like a fun gramma...


  10. they are so adorable, what great memories you have captured!! xox