Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Down Town Turlock

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have to sometimes drag my daughter Diandra places. This time she was excited to be dragged along. We went to Down town Turlock. The Berg building you see here is where my mom worked for years until they got a new store for JCPenney. I have so many memories coming to this store to buy a lot of our school clothes and seeing my mom at work was always a treat! I lived with my dad at the time and she would always be so thrilled to see me and introduce me to her coworkers and costumers. I then would hear stories about my mom and how much they loved her. It helped me at times to see my mom in a different way. Just another facet. I love this old building, and I hope they never tear it down. This building, as you can see, has homing pigeons who have taken residency there. They live on top! giggle. Not inside.

Back to our venture. We first got to down town Turlock and I started snapping away at this old building. We then made our way to the old Mercantile building that was across the corner (This is where I got a lot of my Dittos, ladies, you know what I am talking about!). It is also no longer a clothing store, but a lot of little good sized partitioned rooms that make into little stores. They have a little cafe, the hippest Consignment store where you can find one of kind items that you just won't see other girls wearing (you start to feel like a clone). They also have a bead store called "My Thing," that has been around for ages.... uh hmm, you would often find me there when I was in Jr. High School. They moved their store from across the street when someone else bought the building. Diandra and I went in "My Thing," picked out our beads, gems, stones or whatever our hearts desire was and played for a couple of hours. Between the two of us we made seven pairs of ear rings. I have been telling her to do this on her own, but she would have nothing to do with it.... you should have seen her! She was enjoying herself immensely! Sometimes us Mamma's just have to walk our children through the steps! Even at an older age.

We worked up an appetite after all of that beading. We then went to a little bistro that I love that is also on Main Street called Bistro 234. After lunch, we went our separate ways ... she going into the Family Bible Center, and I going into Lily's Emporium. At the end of this store are antiques where they have a book bin. You will find old to new books there. Of course all the treasure hunting you can also stand. In the front part of the store you will find, sweets, candles vintage looking fabric, beautiful things for your house. It is truly one of my favorite stores around Turlock!


  1. i am going to check out all the fun
    shops you and diandra went in!!

    love ya

  2. Oh my goodness.....my hometown. Angela I lived and grew up in all those stores....Remember Carket's Soda Fountain across from JCPennys. Where I was first introduced to a "Suicide" Every flavor put into a coke!!! Oh thanks for the memories......((smile))
    What a fun day for you and Diandra.

  3. What FUN you two had!! I bet Diandra will be making more earrings now! Wish I had my ears pierced! hehe O! those dirty pidgeons! I like to seeeeeeeee them on top of buildings though! They have a fav house they sit on across from our church!!!

  4. p.s. you need to teach me how to make earrings!! I could use a few new pair!!

  5. Beading, shopping, eating...sounds like a perfect mother/daughter day!
    Loved the photographs too.

  6. Very beautiful! Your photos have a simplicity that is really nice.

  7. Angela this sounds like the perfect day.
    Turlock looks interesting, and it's nice to revisit old ground, places that have memories from your younger days.
    The beading sounds like fun, I bought thew tools to make jewelry, but have never used them..is it tricky..?
    I enjoyed tagging along on your girls day out..!