Monday, August 6, 2007

~ Robert & Josephine ~

The first Robert and Josephine

The second Robert and Josephine

My Grandparents names were Robert and Josephine. My dad was named after my Grandpa and Robert was named after my daddy. When Rob and Nessa sent out their wedding invitation, my Aunt's all noticed Nessa's full name. Josephine Vanessa. Nessa doesn't like Josephine, she thinks it is an old ladies name. I told her to think of it the way Leonardo DiCaprio says it as he is standing behind Kate Winslet during the famous scene in the movie The Titanic. "Come Josephine my flying machine, going up she goes... up she goes"... then the first kiss. She just giggled and shook her head no, she wasn't going for it. But! she would have to see the Titanic again and check that scene out. I love that name and so does Diandra, who at one time had even planned on naming her daughter Josephine and calling her Joey for short. I think that is adorable. My family was thrilled that we had another Robert and Josephine in the family and felt like it was a good sign being that my grandparents were married for a long time. At the wedding we all mentioned it and felt like Grandpa and Grandma were pretty tickled about it. They have both passed away, although we all felt as if they we were with us.

I think that my grandma would beg to differ on that old lady name too... umm there is also Josie and The Pussy Cat Dolls!

*If you would like to read more about my Grandma and Grandpa you can go here.


  1. I love the idea of naming people after others. I don't go as my 1st name, but I'm the 4th James in a row. My older son is the 5th. It's his job now. :)

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  3. Now I have two favorite pictures of Robert and Josephine. I'm sure that Rob's Grandpa and Great(s) Grandma and Grandpa were all there to give their blessings.
    The new Robert and Josephine are a beautiful couple. I can't wait to see your grandchildren!

    Tell Diandra she can still do that. I think it is adorable too.

  4. These happy coincidences should always be taken as a good sign.
    The name 'Lewis' has been passed down our family line and I have inherited it as a middle name.

  5. What a lovely post, and the photos of both couples are adorable.
    We have not knowingly passed on names as until recently I had no family history to look back on. Then I found out that my Great Grandmother was Clare and that is my daughter's second name.
    My youngest grandchild, has an original first name, but her second and third names are for me and her other grandma. I felt so honoured.

  6. wow! you amaze me I am sitting here with goosebumps and tears(good tears)
    I have been waiting for you to do this you took my heart and breath away, I would still like to read your
    point of view on your grandparents!

    I love the photo and I am glad I was
    there to share in Rob and Nessa's Joy
    can't wait to see them again!!

    love you so much

  7. I love vintage photos. I'm trying to track down ones of my gr-grandparents now. I like seeing how current generations resemble ancestors.

  8. I too like the idea of passing on names from previous generations.
    This is my first visit to you, I came over from wanda's blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your posts and reading all about your family.

  9. Angela, beautiful picture of the fist...and the second. Love your narative and story...Makes it so fum to feel the history. Remember Jill's highschool friend "Josephine Ciponeri" Lovely name.

  10. That is very nice, that you have the young people with the same name as the grandparents.
    I love their photo(s).
    Oh happy day!

  11. Hi Sweet Angela...Love this post.....and I love the name Josephine....

  12. Amazing, and the two Josephines look a lot alike.

    Both pictures are wonderful.

  13. It's almost karmic isn't it, and a beautiful sign of good times and blessings to come! Just beautiful!

  14. What a neat story about Robert and Josephine and enjoyed seeing the photos. When I get time I'll have to read more, following your link.

    We named one of our sons Samuel Hunter and his son is named Hunter Samuel.....well, on his birth certificate it is samuel hunter but he calls himself Hunter Samuel.

  15. My hubby's grandmother was a Josephine! Those pics are scrumptious!!! I LOVE Nessa's Bridal gown! What a SWEET Beauty Full couple they make Angela!!! I can feel your PROUD beams from here!!! I'll check out the link better too !later tonight! I did read the marshmellow part! SWEET! and endearing like YOU! xooxxox

  16. such beauties ~ both josephines ... i have always loved that name :)