Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have enjoyed seeing hummingbirds on my walks and in photo's that some blogs I visit have posted. I bought myself a hummingbird feeder, and planted some flowers that they are known to be drawn towards. Going outside and sitting quietly, while they hum by, has been one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I have found it relaxing, and I am making this treasured time a staple in my day.

Okay ladies, I am sharing a skin care product with you that I just love. It is philosophy. I use the microdelivery peel twice a week (sometimes once). It is gentle, smells wonderful... and it makes your face feel like a babies bottom. :)

I use this every day, twice a day. I love, love, love hope in a tube. It is a high density eye and lip cream. I think that if someone told me "Angela, you can only use ONE thing. You have to choose." This would be it!
Come on ladies and uh, men (I know times have changed, it isn't just women!). What are some things that you couldn't do with out that is a part of your skin regimen? Let's share!

I won this book from the ever so lovely Mary (BeadFluff). She asked that when I got done reading it, that I would pass it on to someone else. I thought that I would do the same as she did and pass it to a fellow blogger or who comments on blogs. So! If you leave a comment here on this post, you have to say that you want the book. I will then draw out of a hat and let the blogger ville know who the winner is in my next post. Follow the directions.

I just liked this photo.

This bee is just hangin'.

I liked how you could see this bee's detailed wings.

I know that this is not a clear shot of this bee. I felt this little bee had an attitude, I could hear Robert De Niro's voice saying, "Are you looking at me?"

I liked how you could see the shadow of this dragonfly? on the leaf.

School has started back here in Hughson, which means that I am back at work. I am trying to get back in the groove of a working atmosphere with a lot of women (in the kitchen... giggle). There have been so many changes; it has our heads spinning. We have a new site supervisor (our Billie retired this last year) and also a Food service rep. As they say "There is a new sheriff in town!" It is a little stressful and will take some time to iron out the wrinkles. I hope that it won't take too long. All of the ladies don't do really well with change, including myself.
They also say that "change is good," ... I am trying to keep that in mind.



  1. You are too funny!
    I used to work in a school kitchen for a while, too. I liked the kids!
    Your photos are beautiful today, as always.
    I am glad you like your skin treatments. Every women should love 'her stuff'.
    Have a good day at school!

  2. The purple flower picture that you just liked? It grabbed my eyes. LOVE it.

    Skin regimen secrets? If you could see a magnified picture of my skin, you'd know I have none. I think it's my mind's denial of the fact that I'm not 23 any more. But so far, I use Neutrogena's oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin and it's mate that is SPF 15. Many fancy schmancy products end up with my face in hives. I love Oil of Olay but it gives me hives after about 3 days of use.

  3. nice!
    I got a picture of a hummingbird today, too. :)

  4. You are so lucky having humming birds, the closest we get here is a cool little moth called the 'hummingbird hawk moth' which flies and hovers feeding from flowers in the same way. Taking pictures of bees on flowers is never easy, the depth of field at that focal length often means you either get the flower or the bee in focus but rarely both.
    Skin regime secrets- It's different for us blokes, having to shave and all. After years of shaving rashes I now smother my face in good quality olive oil leave it for 20mins then dab off all the excess with some kitchen paper. I wouldn't say it's as smooth as a babies bottom but at least it doesn't sting!

  5. Oh what beautiful photos and thanks
    for sharing a few of your favoriet things! I use CETAPHIL gentle skin cleasner. but I may take your advice and try your Philsophy brand.
    but my favorite thing of all

    you will get back into the swing of things I understand though because now that I went back to work it has taken some getting used to for all of us.
    love ya

  6. p.s. sorry I misspelled Favorite in my comment!!!

  7. I too love hummingbirs. It makes my day to see them. Good luck on the school year. I would like to be put in the hat for the book.

  8. O! I LOVE hummingbirds too! Yours is the second posting of them I've seen today! They are soOOOoo cute!!! Love your dragonfly pic and that bee looking at YOU, UG! reminds me of Damon getting stung Monday!!! He was mowing and over a nest he went and UP! they flew!!! Why don't they go somewhere else, not soOOOoo close to the house!!! School already??? It doesn't seem possible does it Angela?!!! Gina's still HOPING she get a teaching job!! eeeEEEEEEK! Happy Thursday sweets! LOL I had to think what day it was!!!

  9. Changes are inevitable. My DH is always asking me, "Does God expect me to change until the day I die?" and I always say, "Yes, Dear!" He gives me that look and I know he doesn't like it. Neither do I always like it, but change is inevitable. So, I hope it irons out soon.

    The bee and the hummer photos were outstanding! Thank you!

  10. Beautiful Post Angela. These photo's are wonderful...So back to the school. I heard you had better hours....can we get together?

  11. Your pictures are so beautiful! The picture of the dragonfly is actually a damselfly. Dragonfly is Washington States "insect" - and if you ask Alexis, she can tell you about my tatt of a dragonfly on my back. Damselflies, when at rest, fold their wings above their body, whereas a dragonfly has it's wings out in horizontal position at all times.

  12. Hi Angela...Really enjoyed all your randomness today. I have to thank you for the tip on your skin care regime...I might get some...I have that 50 plus skin and I need to do something revitalizing....

    My routine...wash with soap and slap on cheap moisturizer...not good!! haha.

    Loved the flowers and the bee and I won't join in on the book thing cause I don't read much anymore...

    Good luck with the school year....


  13. Hi

    I found you via As Time Goes By. What beautiful photographs and a lovely blog.

    As for the question of skin care secrets...well, I use my own rose range and as I get so many compliments on my skin, it obviously works!

    Marie x

  14. such a beautiful hummingbird ~ thanks for sharing your skincare secrets, you have such gorgeous skin :)

  15. I love that first bee photo.

    I love a good razor for shaving and a nice smelling aftershave. That's about as "skin regimen" as I get.