Saturday, August 11, 2007


My Neighbor Ruth across the street has this bush that blooms some beautiful flowers. They are humongous! They are interesting to watch. They come to bloom and then that is it. The next day they are gone. I met her in the street after getting our mail, and asked her what kind of flower bush that was. She told me it was a Hardy Perennial Hibiscus. They are a exotic, hardy, shrub like plant. They have 6-10" blooms in crimson red or rose pink dazzle from midsummer to frost. The bush grows 3-5' tall with similar spread.

Ruth is an 82 year old active woman who exercises everyday, bowls twice a week, and rides her bike on occasion. She's very involved in church. I can look out my window and I will see her pulling weeds in her big hat and long sleeve shirt to protect her from the sun.

My husband loves her and I have to say between the two of us, he has more of a friendship with her than I do. I don't know how many times I have went to see what is taking my husband so long to come in to find him sitting outside with her in a deep conversation. I will just watch to see them start busting up laughing. She goes out to dinner with us and we have plans to have dinner here at our home. We share our meals with each other when we have both made to much or want the other to try something new. Recently in one of our conversations about this and that she mentioned to me that Charlie needs to rest from work. Ruth sees for herself how Charlie will busy himself even on his days off. She will hear me get on to him, and knows what I am up against. She will often chime in to my defense. Charlie will then say, "Ruth! Are you ganging up on me?" She will giggle. She cares about him as much as he cares about her. Flowers aren't the only thing that's blooming!


  1. great post, glad you have a sweet neighbor. elderly folks are wonderful for they share so much wisdom.
    pretty flower blooms.

  2. Beautiful....your neighbor reminds me of my Aunt Cassie before she had to move into the resthome.
    Charlie's guardian angel....!!
    Lovely Angela, lovely.

  3. Those are wonderful friendships ... that spring up naturally. You are all lucky to have this in your lives.

    And the Hibiscus is lovely. I would be so happy if I could grow one of these outdoors all year long!

  4. O! That Hibiscus is Beauty Full! Does she have any hydrangeas??? Don't YOU?! I forget but they are one of my FAV! It reminds me of my Rose of Sharons! I'll have to post a pic of them!

  5. That is so nice! I think it is so great that your husband is so caring.
    And you, too! We all get old (hopefully!) and will need people in our lives.... and next door!!
    Great post!
    I have a hibiscus plant, too, and I was planning on showing its flowers soon. stay tuned!

  6. She sounds like a fantastic neighbour. The flower is fantastic too. It always amazed me that this cam all grow from one small seed..!

  7. Delightful post. I like Ruth..she sounds great and good that she knows what you are up against. It doesn't hurt to have help in the art of persuasion.

    And that bottom bloom is magnificent.

    Gosh, I was so busy I haven't been here lately...Sure glad I came by today.


  8. my neighbour is 85 and she is also a wonderful gardener ... i love chatting with her :)