Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Baby Girl~

Diandra recently sent these pictures of herself to me. She took them goofing around while waiting in a parking lot for an appointment. I love my baby girl!

She is going to kill me. But, I just had to share! Don't you agree?

This summer has been a little hard one for us. After school and dance is over, she becomes quite bored... and then grumpy! GRRRR! Being that she works at the dance studio, it is shut down for the summer after recital. Unfortunately, during school, she has a job and is very busy with it and school. While everyone was getting a summer job, she was really busy during the month of June due to dance. Her dad tells her to just enjoy her summer and do fun things... she needs and likes to be busy. Her dad also worries about her wearing herself out burning the candle at both ends. I have to agree. So, even though this summer has been a tough one for her and I am getting more and more chewed on, I have really enjoyed our evening walks and worry that when school and dance starts back up, I am going to lose my walking Buddie. That makes me sad because it has been our time to share, compare and bounce thoughts off onto one another. I have also dragged her to things that I really enjoy doing. She goes kicking and screaming, but once we are there and my nerves are shot, she really does enjoy herself. If she would just listen to me....


  1. These Pics of Diandra are soOoooOOooo wistful and very BEAUTY FULL!!! Aren't we blessed to have such SWEET daughters Angela Marie???!!! Sweet Dreams Honey Bunch!!!

  2. Your baby is the black and white effect. She has the best lips....! I think I feel about my baby Jill like you do Diandra....They are so special those last of our litters.

  3. Angela Marie your Diandra is a beauty and I love the black and white photos.
    Enjoy your time with her and then enjoy watching as she blossoms and grows even more beautiful as she gets back to school and back into her dancing. There is nothing quite like the time spent with our daughters.

    ::gentle hugs::

  4. What beautiful photos of Diandra. YOu know, I have four great sons, but sure wish somewhere along the line I had a daughter. There's nothing like them...I see my sis with hers...

    Nice post Angela and sweet to read...

  5. I love that you and your daughter are so close. She is a beautiful young woman. I remember being her age and not wanting to sit still for a moment. Afraid that life was passing me by..LOL
    School will soon start again, and she will be busy... I wish I had her energy.

  6. What a lovely young lady! And believe I know just what you mean. . . if they'd just listen in the first place! Sigh!

  7. yes pretty but how come she isn't smiling? Ya posting pictures online has it's do's and dont's .. but then again the Internet is full of pictures and bios and such

  8. Love the photos, she looks like her minds a million miles away...
    Kicking and screaming or not, it will do her good to be out, keep up the good work, this is what moms are for!
    Where's this novel she was going to write?

  9. She is beautiful! Just like her mum ;)
    She is a busy girl, I remember all the hard work she did for her friends party. She is high energy, your daughter!!!

  10. Diandra is a natural beauty. She also has an inner beauty that shines through and makes her stand out wherever she is.

    I don't get to see her often but really enjoy being in her company.

    Love to you both

  11. I love the pics of our Diandra
    she has always been so beautiful!
    we will have to save a weekend for the shopping she wants to do!

    she listens to you, you just don't know it!!

    Love you

  12. ahheemmm...I'm right HERE!! Thank you all for your sweet comments. I feel as though I'm being talked about, but that I'm standing invisbly.. or something.

  13. she (yes you dee dee) is so magically beautiful, what fantastic artistic self portraits :) gorgeous!!