Wednesday, June 6, 2007

On one of my walks...

I am trying to start my day off with good healthy choices... like cottage cheese and fresh peaches with some Jasmine Green Tea my boss wanted me to try. On the wrapper it was written, "I shall be a cloud, you the moon, and this is our tea." I am also getting out my pretty treasured dishes and using it for myself.

I am taking a walk...

A white rose reaching for the sky

Always look up and see the detail in things

I love how God has put so much detail in each flower and has made them all so different even though they are the same.... like us.

And make sure you look down, you never know what will greet you.


Sweet fragrance

My Sophie enjoying herself too! She is always up for a good walk.

Some good ol' H2O when I got home


  1. Gosh! I feel healthier already and all I did was read your post..
    Lovely visuals Angela..
    I'm trying to be choosier about what I eat too...!

  2. What a lovely walk...I am about ready to start one of my own.....wish you could join me! :-)

  3. I had to giggle at Sophie's shadow - it was shaped like a donkey! I don't know why but that tickled me.

  4. looks like a fabulous walk!

    i'm gonna email you when things settle down around here. in the mean time i'm sending lots of hugs and love!

    xo silvia

  5. gorgeous walk :)

    i always use the good stuff, all the time because i figure everyday is a special occasion :)

    your photos shine with the beauty you see :)


  6. Wow, I feel like I just joined you for a fantastic walk! Nice lamp post. Nice flowers. Nice everything! Thanks for taking us on the journey.

  7. Yes! Sophie gave me a chuckle too + that drawing! and I planted a lot of cosmos yesterday!!! Wooo Hoooo! I HOPE I can post them later this summer! I just saw a deer last night go walking by my front porch and a crow today looking over my back porch! I'll have to start SHOOing them all away if they don't stop eye-ing all my plants! Such Sweetness! like YOU dear Angela! I'm trying to lose weight too and had cottage cheese for lunch! Spaghetti and meatballs for an early supper for me + a walk later with Jerry(sweet hubby) Hang in there, we'll lose it!!!

  8. Inspiring! Makes me want to put my shoes on and go out for a stroll! Love the look of your water with lime. Yum!

  9. Love the pictures!
    That water at the end looks so very good! Limes! Yum!

  10. sounds wonderful -- this is the stuff of life... the seemingly small things!

  11. great inspirations!
    thanks for inspiring me today
    love you

  12. I feel refreshed! Rejuvinated! Rewarded! All of that just from looking at your blog. Guess who is going to go and work out right this minute. Well, after I drink my water.

  13. That rose! Transparent in sepia is beautiful!