Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Sophia ~

We have four dogs that live at our house. Jack is our rottweiler and we also have added one by one, three chihuahuas. Let me tell you about this little girl named Sophia. Three years ago, my husband, Charlie, and daughter, Diandra, came home two weeks before the Christmas Holiday with an early Christmas gift for me. The reason they got me this little bundle of joy was because I was taking over my daughter's chocolate brown Chi named McKenzie! They decided it was time that I got my own! The more the merrier! I fell in love with her at first sight! Charlie and Diandra tell me she is a chihuahua.... I say she is a mix. They insist that her siblings were all the "taco bell chi's", and the dad as well. The mom unfortunately died giving birth and the pups were being bottled fed. How sad is that?! As they were telling me the story my heart just wrapped around her.

* Note: I call her Sophia when she's in trouble for being mischievous, and Sophie when she's pretending to be precious, or IS just being adorable.

Sophie has quite a huge personality for such a little dog. She has a raspy voice. She snorts breathing through her nose. She is constantly investigating! She gets into everything. Eats everything. Sniffs everything. You name it, she does it. She has the loveliest howl that just cracks me up. She has a temper tantrum when you go to pick her up to be put in her crate. She loves her sleep and hates to be bothered and will let you know it for this is the only time that she allows herself to sleep because she is always on watch. Sophie is my little shadow, she will scream to let you know that you have gotten too close to her and to be careful. She will also scream if I walk out the door or if I have come home and did not give her the attention that she thinks she deserves.

I have to be very careful not to leave anything down or out. Like I said, she gets into everything! For example, I have cut gum, which she's stolen from Diandra's stash in her backpack, out of her fur on numerous occasions... One time she was chewing on something as fast as she could before I could get to her. As I got closer, I realized she had red lipstick around her mouth! Without me knowing it, she apparently got a sample lipstick when I had dumped my purse trying to find my keys.

Sophie will take off running with both mine and Diandra's bras... and just lay on them. Diandra swears she wants to wear them herself. She knows how to work those brown eyes for some treats at the table too.
She is always taking the chewy bones out of McKenzie and Simone's mouth. She also has her "spot," to sit on me, and if the other two chi's are there she will squeeze in and literally bump them out of that spot. I am always telling Diandra that if Sophie was a little girl, she would probably not have a lot of friends. I just adore her and she constantly makes me laugh.
Sometimes, when Sophia knows she's been doing something she shouldn't have been doing, she cowers down, lowering here ears to the sides. Now honestly, she has big ears, but that's just her breed! Diandra thinks that when she does this, Sophie looks like Yoda from Star Wars.
I'm unsure of how many of you have been to the theatres lately. For a while, they had this commercial for "Fandango." In it, they had a paper sack dressed up like an elderly woman, sitting on the couch with her dog. The woman would say, "FAN-DANG-O-O-O-O-OHHH." The dog, would repeat "Oh-OH-OH-OOOOO" in a howl. Diandra and I can get Sophie to do just this, and the other two Chi's chime in with squeakier howls. It's a riot!

Sophie with lip stick


  1. your little Sophia sounds like a hand
    full but knowing how much you adore animals I know you and she are a perfect fit!! I hope to meet little Sophia one day!

  2. Sophie is a real cutie... especially with chin whiskers full of lipstick! Dogs are so funny. If we could just spend the whole day watching them I think we'd be most entertained.

    Joni Possin (Wisconsin)

  3. LOL OMG!!! Sophia is soooOOOO SWEET! Angela!!! That lipstick pic got me to chuckle out loud!!! Her eyes are soooOOOO precious! Lucky YOU!!! What a wonderful gift!!!My dad's dog Chris howls and sings too! LOL xoCinda

  4. She is far too cute for words!!! What a personality on her. You are fortunate to have such a bra busting-lipstick wearing little diva dog in your midst! She would be so much fun.

  5. Love the pics and Sophies story.

    We have four miniature poodles, and the littlest one, Angel has taken to me like Sophie has to you. When I'm in my recliner, she has a certain spot that she'll crowd any intruders there out of it.

  6. isn't it funny how such a teeny tiny little thing can grab such a huge part of your heart,
    and drag it all over the place!

  7. Oh, how very cute is that dog girl! The naughty little ones just steal your heart and pluck those heart strings at will don't they. What a cute post and cute dog!

  8. oh my gosh ~ she is absolutely adorable. what personality she has ... so delicious in that red lipstick. hee hee ... she is a girly girl at heart :)


  9. Sophie...

    you know they say that dogs often are a reflection of their owners?

    Angela...are you snorting and eating lipstick again???

    xOx darlene

  10. She´s so cute!!! Love the last picture of her by the way hehe


  11. how lady, maggie, is 12+ now and fading...what joy they bring to our lives...blesings, rebecca

  12. soooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!
    I love the lipstick story!
    I'll have to check out your bohemian girl website sometime- anything with the word "bohemian" in it catches my eye!

  13. What a sweetie..!
    I can't imagine getting mad with her, no matter what mischief she gets up to..!

  14. She is SO.....adorable! My Toby and her would be best friends! I think he would be "smitten"....:-)

  15. She really is a funny little dog! Very cute.

  16. Hi Angela: I love your Sophie...and her story! Molly is in a kennel this week, while we are in LA and I miss her. Julie's husband set up his lap top out by the pool so I can watch the kids and check out some of my favorites!

    Having fun, look forward to home.Love Dar's comment..((smile))

  17. OH...MY...GOODNESS!!! She is just too freaking adorable. I want to reach through the computer and hug her. Please give her kisses for me!