Friday, June 8, 2007

Shades of Lavender

That Day you came

Such special sweetness was about
That day God sent you here,
I knew the lavender was out,
And it was mid of year.

Their common way the great winds blew,
The ships sailed out to sea;
Yet ere that day was spent I knew
Mine own had come to me.

As after song some snatch of tune
Lurks still in grass or bough,
So, somewhat of the end o' June
Lurks in each weather now.

The young year sets the buds astir,
The old year strips the trees;
But ever in my lavender
I hear the brawling bees.

For me the jasmine buds unfold
And silver daisies star the lea,
The crocus hoards the sunset gold,
And the wild rose breathes for me.
I feel the sap through the bough returning,
I share the skylark's transport fine,
I know the fountain's wayward yearning,
I love, and the world is mine!

I love, and thoughts that sometime grieved,
Still well remembered, grieve not me;
From all that darkened and deceived
Upsoars my spirit free.
For soft the hours repeat one story,
Sings the sea one strain divine;
My clouds arise all flushed with glory --
I love, and the world is mine!

Lizette Woodworth Reese

Today, I stopped, where I have driven by a thousand times. I encourage each and every one of you that reads this, to stop! and do something that you have wanted to do for a long time. What are you waiting for? Live! Now is the moment!

I got out of my car, and the scent of this wonderful Lavender, ever-so-gently hit my face. In an instant, you could hear the faint humming of the bees, busy at work, unaware that I was even there. The world was mine!

What have you been wanting to do?


  1. Way to go Angela..!
    We did it this afternoon, we got in the van, picked up an ice cold cappuccino and drove out into the country and stopped and took photos, and admired old properties and their gardens. We had a great time, and made it home just before the worst storm this year hit us. We even enjoyed that in all it's powerful glory..
    BTW the lavender fields are spectacular.. you are so fortunate to have them nearby..I imagine the fragrance to be wonderful.

  2. I'd love to be able to quit my job and record my music - just to have it. I'm not worried about selling millions of albums. Just want to have it. I will do this. Oh I WILL do this!

  3. love your photos of such natural beauty around you.

  4. Wow! I love the photos and the poem.

  5. Really great photos!
    First time on your blog. Love it!

  6. I have been wanting to do exactly that. Stop and smell the lavender! I love the gentle buzzing of bees at work in the field, the breeze, the hot sun.
    You have captured such beautiful images here. Thank you for stopping and smelling the lavender for us!!!

  7. Hey Sweet girly!!! I planted some lavender last week and even sunflowers altho the deer or some critter eats the top off of my sunflowers!!! but I'm trying again this year!!! I LOVE sunflowers!!! I prayed to God this morning to remind me to pray for Rob and your family every day, so far I've remembered but since my memory is not the best this is why I prayed for divine help!!! How is he Angela and how is his little wife?!!! I bet she misses him soooo much! God Bless YOU and YOURS!!!

  8. If there is one flavor and smell in the world I love more than another it would be (oh even then I can't do just one so I'll tell you now, the other is cinnamon) lavender! Mine are just beginning to bloom and once again, I ask myself, now why don't I go out and trim a few stalks and dry them? Because I don't is the only answer.

  9. Fantastic photos. I long to take a leave of absence from work and get away from it all. Work can be so stressful!

  10. i´ve been wanting to write more...i´ve been on auto pilot for a while now with my writing. i want to write again because i feel like it.

    thanks for you comment :) i always love that you catch up with every post i write. thanks so much for your support!


  11. The lavender is simply beautiful!!!! I just can smell it from here!

  12. Hi Angela:
    Yes, I'm home! Seems like I was gone longer than a week!

    Love your pictures and the poetry!

    We need to get together, OK?

  13. oh sweet lavender ... gorgeous, i can almost smell the sweet scent rising up .. how lovely : )

  14. Live and enjoy the moment. All of it good and bad. I like you challenge to do what you want to do NOW. To trust the desires of our hearts by striking a balance and not just saying no to its questioning.

  15. Oh this morning I was running late and I stopped and took a photo of a rose anyway. I was already late why make it worse with wanting the shot all day! Giggle

    A toast to living!

  16. Wonderful photos all are great, but the first two are dynamaite.