Thursday, June 14, 2007

To Hold and Protect

A night light in one of my bathrooms

It's been almost a week since I have heard from my son Rob who is serving over sea's in Kuwait.

There has been someone in a town near us, who has been trying to kidnap young girls on ten different occasions. (On tonight's news, it seems they have caught him) Diandra works in this town, and I can't tell her enough to be aware of what's going on around her.

My babies are on my mind right now, more than usual. I just want to hold and protect them. This is out of my control.... this is when the rubber meets the road. sigh~


  1. Oh Angela I hear you..!
    No matter how old they are, how grown up they are ..they are and always will be our babies.
    You hold them close in your heart and pray for them. What else can we do...?
    I love the night light that you have. Blue used that image on her blog looks just like her and Baby B..Apart from the tail that is...LOL

  2. Mother's always will want to protect their babies from evil trust in the Lord as he watches and protects over them.

  3. You´re in my thoughts. Even though I´m not a mother i can understand that you most be worried. You´re all in my prayers. Hugs!!!

  4. sending you a big warm hug ... you are in my mother thoughts ...

    last week, my son called me from a friend's cell phone to let me know his school had been locked down ... the feeling of fear and helplessness that i felt was incredible, so not in my control as i waited with the other parents for our children to be released. luckily, everything was fine and the escaped patient who cut through their school was captured by the police.

    being a mom is both wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time isn't it ... sending you lots of love my dear and good thoughts, plenty of good safe thoughts, xox

  5. I came over from Sheila's blog. Sending loving wishes to you and yours....I certainly understand this post!

  6. Don't I know what you mean sweet Angela. It doesn't matter age! I ran to Jill like she was 2 yrs. old.

    You will hold Rob in your arms everyday, even though he miles away. You're his momma.

    The nightlight is exquisite. I love it..!

  7. We are always Mother's. It is terminal, I'm afraid. Oh, Angela, I'm praying for you.

  8. Goodness. I have to say I feel lucky with my 3 & 6 yr old - they have to stay close. They can't go get apartments on their own or join the army. I have no idea how I'll deal when I'm in your shoes. This is why moms have tough knees. From praying their kids through. That reminds me...I need to call my mom. She sure prayed me through TONS!

    I have you in my prayers. You and your precious "babies".

    Love you...

  9. How horrible! You will be in my prayers.

  10. O! Angela!!! I am keeping YOU all in my prayers!!! I always tell my Gina to always look behind her and be AWARE!!! of her surroundings but they think it could never happen to them! I have totoal DISGUST with these pedifiles, I don't even know how to spell it!!! It seems they are everywhere!!! What is wrong with our country???!!! It needs a lot of prayers too because the morals of some people is beyond belief! I bought the album of Amy Winehouse and she is a little RAW!!! I should have known but I do like some of her songs! Maybe she will tone down a bit as she matures!!! Phew! I've been in your place with a son in the military and it is a tough place to be! All we can do is pray and pray some more!!! I will certainly keep YOU all in my prayers! You can count on that! That is a pretty night light! and about those deer!!! LOL I had to chase some just today, they were eating my tiger lillies!!! I might have some flowers! I better take pics of the ones they didn't eat tomorrow! Hope it's sunny! Take care sweet Woman, try and get some restful sleep! Sweet Dreams xoCinda

  11. I love this mermaid nightlight, as you know from what mum told you.
    As for your son and daughter, I always said the minute my kids were I really have someone to worry about! The fact is, once you give birth to them, they are such a precious addition to your life you cannot imagine not having them, you become a protective momma bear!!! Sending hugs, hope and light to all of you!

  12. Oh AM, that is awful for you to be in this right now... My thoughts are with you and your beautiful Rob and Diandra.
    (hugs) and love

  13. Very nice nightlight -
    and thougts. Yes, trust in the Lord.... and pray...that 's what I do. One of my sons is a fireman.

  14. My heart goes out to you. I pray for your son often.