Saturday, June 2, 2007

I am trying to...

Enjoy my surroundings.

Appreciate the beautiful gifts nature has to give.

Drink more water. As time goes by, I understand how precious it is.

Eat healthier. This is vanilla yogurt with black berries that Darlene's husband grew in their back yard.


  1. I want those blackberries and yogurt, they look great.
    Drinking lots of water is so good for you..!
    Your hydrangeas are beautiful, I love blue flowers..!

  2. I've learned in the last 18 months. (yes. it has taken me that long!) to enjoy non-iced plain water. That is a lot of glasses slugged back to get to that point, but the bod seems to like it. You flowers are so beautiful!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments. What a beautiful post! Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers... and those blackberries look delicious. I'm trying to do the same things and it feels so good :-)

  4. you will succeed at all of the beautiful things you are trying to do
    love you

  5. yep
    clean pure H20 is a precious gift.

  6. mmmMMMMMM! Blackberries, my FAV!!! I have a wild brier patch outside my kitchen window, a giftie from the sweet birdies!!! I think it's Blackberry but my mom thinks it might be raspberry! I can't wait to seeeeeeeeee what it is!!! Those sweet birds planted a tree in our front yard too! SWEET! TWEET! TWEET! xoCinda

  7. Blackberries! Can I come over and make jam?

  8. It all looks wonderful~!!
    The water, is tops with me as well.

  9. i am trying to do those same things and it feels wonderful ...

    ... these photos are so fabulous, you are so very very talented at seeing and capturing beauty, beautiful you ... xox