Sunday, May 25, 2008

made with love

One of my responsibilities at work is to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I make tuna, egg and turkey sandwiches as well. When I make these sandwiches, I make them with extra care as I always imagine the child that would be eating one of them. Some children do not like what the cafeteria is serving for the day. As an alternative, they always have a selection to choose from these main items . One day I was running behind, and needed some help from one of my co-workers. She was just blobbing the peanut butter & jelly on the bread. It wasn't getting spread to the ends evenly. I had to bite my tongue and count to ten. I was regretting that I asked for help. I then shared with my co-worker that to some of these children, this might be the only good meal they get during the day... these sandwiches have to be made with love. I got a smile from her and she then started to spread the peanut butter & jelly evenly across the bread, from end to end. I smiled back and thanked her. Later, as I thought about "our moment" together, I thought about the different scenario's the interaction between us could have taken. When you have seven women working in a kitchen, you learn real quick how we all have our own ideas how things should be done. I learned something as well... I believe the turning point was the moment of me biting my tongue and counting to ten, the way you say something to someone is how it is usually received. The receiver is either open to hear it or they are not. I only hope that when I am the receiver, I have an open ear and can hear what is being said.

Most importantly! When doing anything with love, it smooths everything over.


  1. Very true!
    I worked in the school cafeteria, too, as a substitute for a while. And I noticed differences in the different schools. Some people work with excellence and some don't!

  2. great post and you always do and say
    everything with great love

    love you

  3. Oh yes, the difference between how a peanut butter sandwich tastes is how the peanut butter and jelly are spread....and love makes it taste all the better.
    I was making peanut butter sandwiches for Jon Jon, and he told me he loves it when I cut off the crust and make little triangles...Moments of Love

    Today, I loving you you, and thinking our much love you put into everything you do!!
    Hugs and Kisses
    Wanda Mom

  4. I always liked the sandwiches better than the hot food at school. My favorites were PB&J and Baloney and cheese.

    You probably make them better!

    It was wonderful spending time with you on Sat. Charlie looks great.

    Love xoxo♥♥

  5. I LOVE this post. I have been teased by so many friends over the years about how I make sandwiches - specifically PB&Js. I make sure it's spread all the way to the edges and that it's even. With every sandwich I made. Even balogna & cheese - I'll make sure there is an even amount of meat and/or cheese in every bite. They tease me. Oh they tease. But who do they ask to make them sandwiches? Hmmm?

    I love that you care. You rock.

  6. If a person was looking for an example of serving with integrity, they need only read this posting.

    You made it with love. No wonder you get so much love coming back your way.

  7. Hello sweet Angela:
    I have given you an award on my blog...but please don't feel like you have to pass it's just to tell you "You are honored and loved".

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  8. Great point. I had to bite my lip just an hour ago here at work. Sometimes I just have to remember. Anyone can start an argument but it takes a big person to stop one.